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Community Service
Lending a Paw students with 50 boxes of food donations

Los Lunas Schools Students and Staff initiate and participate in numerous community service projects throughout the school year. Food drives (pictured here of the LLHS Lending A Paw members who provided a Thanksgiving meal to 50 families in need), volunteer projects, and community projects such as Lending a Paw are some of the activities. In our district we believe it is essential for our students to learn the importance of “paying it forward” to our community. Each month we have Roadrunner Food Drives at various school sites. Staff and students volunteer their time to organize and distribute food to our community members. High school students whether through extra-curricular activities or self-initiated organize projects such as book donation drives. At Los Lunas High School and Valencia High School, students and staff organize and manage thrift stores that provide students with affordable clothing options, including formal dresses for formal events such as Prom.

Community Service assist our students with improving the lives of individuals and communities. It addresses social issues such as poverty and homelessness. It brings our students together and encourages collaboration and relationship building. In addition is enables the students to apply and expand their knowledge and skills in a practical setting. It promotes empathy, cultural awareness, and a broader understanding of societal issues, enhancing the overall educational experience.