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Sundance Elementary student sitting at desk with his book

Los Lunas Schools serves the communities of Bosque Farms, El Cerro, Highland Meadows, Los Lunas, Meadowlake, Peralta, Pueblo of Isleta, Pueblo of Laguna, Montery Park, San Clemente, Tomè, and Valencia. There are approximately 8,300 students and 1,500 employees. The district has 23 District Facilities, 10 Elementary Schools, 2 Middles Schools, 3 High Schools, 1 Family School Digital Academy, and 8 Support Sites. The north to south corridor boundaries of the district is from the Pueblo of Isleta to the northern boundary of Los Chavez. The east to west corridor of the district is from the Manzano Mountains Foothills to Highland Meadows. The average building in the district is 42 years old. Some of the schools and buildings in the district are named in honor of community members, former students, and former employees such as Ann Parish Elementary, Katherine Gallegos Elementary, and Raymond Gabaldon Elementary.

Los Lunas Schools is a technology rich district. All students and staff have access to iPads and MacBook Airs in a 1:1 device environment. School sites have Innovation and Design Labs for engaging in STEM activities on a routine basis. Many of the clubs offered in the district are centered on technology. Our district is proud to have three elementary schools, Ann Parish Elementary, Desert View Elementary and Los Lunas Elementary, with the distinction of Apple Distinguished Schools. Many of our staff members are Apple Teachers as well.

The district strives to provide students and staff with a safe learning environment. Each school site has a School Resource Officer and, in some schools, a Certified Security Officer.

Los Lunas Schools prides itself on an individualized and personalized approach to educating its students. Classes of instruction are relatively small; student support services are strong; and the curricular and co-curricular programs are diverse. The pursuit of academic excellence in this district reflects the deep belief that all students can learn and that all students deserve high quality instruction in the classroom. It also means that there are high academic expectations in terms of the basic literacies. The educational program is geared to encourage critical thinking and a love of learning.