Celebration Shout Out

Clark Boatwright and Mike Good consistently go above and beyond. It's a well-kept secret that they are all about kids and learning. Even when it takes additional time, they seek to understand and work to solve problems that others might not notice. They are great team members.

I want to send a Shout Out to Corynn at Special Services. She is always ready with a smile and willing to help with whatever you may need. Thanks Corynn!! We couldn't do it without you!

Michelle Gammill has been a rockstar this year! Teaching and creating a yearbook while no one on campus is virtually impossible, and yet she continues to try her best and make it work! She's awesome!!

Tommy, Marisa, and Steve at CHS are the best! Always making sure the school is ready for anything. CHS would not be THE BEST high school in New Mexico without you three amazing people working there.

I wish to express my appreciation to Darian Jaramillo, our principal at Los Lunas High School. She does a great job balancing the many needs and wants at LLHS. I appreciate her common sense approach and willingness to seek feedback from her teachers and coaches before making decisions. She is open minded but does not shy away from making tough decisions. Thank you Mrs. Jaramillo for being a great principal.

I appreciate Tamara Aragon. Anytime I need support she is an email away! Thank you!

Gloria Gallegos is amazing secretary at DVE . She is always willing to help out in ANY way needed. Thank you!

Mrs. Larranaga 3rd Grade RGE - Always going the extra mile to make sure her students have what they need to be successful. We appreciate you!

Shoutout to all the presenters of the Teacher Showcase! What incredible lessons!

I would like to thank Ms. Craig at BFE for being a great support and maintaining great communication with parents regarding students progress. Thank you to all LLS teachers!!

I would like to give Mrs. Blaine, my 5th teacher at Sundance Elementary a special shout out. She works hard for our class every day. Not only does she teach us new things, she also cares about us. Mrs. Blaine is a hard working teacher. She makes us laugh all the time. She gives us fun ways to learn. She has helped us through this tough time. To me, she is the best 5th grade teacher.

Ms. Tenorio is an awesome teacher. She is working so hard to make sure my child and all her classmates are learning during this strange time. Thank you Ms. T!

Mrs. Cleveland at LLHS is the best math teacher. Thank you for teaching my kid. You are so good with him.

Shout Out to Mrs. Gayla, Mrs. Genevieve, and Mrs. Yvonne for always helping me, even on a moments notice. I APPRECIATE you wonderful ladies so much!

Lorena Ibuado at DVE is an awesome teacher! Very patient and kind!!! WE appreciate YOU!

Mr. Padilla at LLMS is an EXCELLENT L.A. teacher! Thank YOU!

A HUGE shout-out to Carolyna Aparici Chavez for going over and beyond for all children!

Mrs. Gayla, Mrs. Genevieve and Mrs. Yvonne are always willing to help out when/wherever needed! I appreciate them so much! Thank you ladies!!!

Thank you to our Tech Dept. for all that they do!

Super proud of the work being done at Ann Parish. Our families appreciate you!

Ann Parish- Great job on the 2-3-4 iPad distribution last week! It was quick and easy! We appreciate all the work that was completed in preparation for the day!

Valencia Elementary would like to send a shout out to our SRO, Miguel Amaro! He is always willing to go above and beyond to help our students. He delivers meals, homework, and anything else we need him to do. Thanks Miguel!!

Ms. Fleischer and Mr. James really help out our community with the food distribution. Thank you for making a difference for our Ann Parish families.

Rachel Goar is an amazing teacher!!!

Mrs. Ham, first grade teacher at Sundance, is the type of teacher we all would want for our students. She engages kids with total physical response, writing for learning, and differentiated instruction. Even in this weird time, she has really gotten to know her students and shows them every day that she cares. She makes me want to improve my own professional practice.

Thank you so much to Los Lunas nurses and SRO's who are helping with the Covid 19 vaccines being given out in Belen.

Jenny Polson is one of the best SLP's I have ever seen work with my child. She has a true gift and LLS is lucky to have her as is my child. Thank you for working so hard with our kids. I know a thank you isn't enough but... thank you!

Tamara Aragon for providing prompt support for troubleshooting any and all technology challenges. Your knowledge and skills support teachers and impact student learning every day. Thank you!

A great big shout out to the awesome staff at CHS. The love, support and sincerity makes CHS a very special place to work. I am so grateful to be a part of an amazing team.

Vince Mattis Maintenance Dept No matter what the weathers like Vince is always finding things to do to Keep Ann Parish Looking Great. No Matter who's responsible he is always willing to Help. Vince Thank You for what you do for our school!

Ann Parish Elementary staff are the most hard working and compassionate people I know.

Raechel Roberts, Chemistry teacher at LLHS, is engaging, persistent, and wicked smart. She inspires her colleagues with her innovative ideas and she encourages her students to always do their best.

To EVERY staff member at LLE for your hard work and perseverance during this historical and challenging time. Thank you all for what you do! Happy New Year!

Lauren Lansford- Apple training PD at BFE! You rock!!!!!

My shout out is to my PLC team at VE, Gretta Aguilar, Brenda Seedig, and Caroline Vital. They are so dedicated to children. I am so blessed to work with such amazing women.

I would like to send a huge thank you to Rose and Tamara. They joined in on my Holiday Project and did a introduction to keynote for my students. My students loved our guest speakers and learned so much from them. I can't wait to have them join my class again. THEY ROCK!

Ms. Alisha Hagen who is an awesome art teacher & great collaborator with teachers!

Jenny Polson is one of the best SLP's I have ever seen work with my child. She has a true gift and LLS is lucky to have her as is my child. Thank you for working so hard with our kids. I know a thank you isn't enough but... thank you!

Mrs. Yvonne, Mrs. Barela and Team 1st Grade! They are constantly coming up with creative, yet fun ways to foster student learning, all while always showing patience and kindness. The students know that they are loved by these wonderful teachers!

A huge shoutout to Mr. Jeremy Weed for his dedication in teaching his students to the fullest during these virtual learning times. He is patient and understanding to the students and makes sure each and every student understands and comprehends all the material he teaches. Even at times can make learning fun. I am really happy and grateful that he is one of my child's teachers at LLMS.

We have the best reading coaches a district could offer! Teresa Fuentes and Heather Sanchez that you for all your hard work and the amazing tools you have put together for us!

A huge thank you going out to the Tech Department! They helped my students and I out this week several times and responded so quickly to our needs!!

Jacque Farrell you are an amazing Professional Learning Coach! You are a blessing to work with and bring a wealth of knowledge to the table!!!!!!!
The staff at BFE is true to their motto... Simply the Best!!! They meet students where they are and take them even further. They each make a personal investment in their students. Appreciate you, BFE!

Mrs. Lupe at RGE is simply the best!

A big thank you to Mr. Gibson, Mr. Alexander, and Ms. Rivera for the continued support for the Tomé PE program!! We appreciate you!!

I have the most amazing staff at LLE. It's an honor to be the principal.

Jacqueline Maez is an extremely caring teacher! She is awesome!!!

Christina Marquez is an amazing Kinder Teacher! She is very kind and patient! She gives her all to her students!!!

Mrs. Leyba is an AMAZING teacher! She is very creative with her teaching!

Laura Tabet is an awesome teacher! She is extremely dedicated to her class and goes above and beyond!

Mrs. Rodriguez and Ms. Montano are an amazing 3rd grade team at DVE! They ROCK!!!

Mr. Mckinney at LLMS goes over and beyond to ensure his students needs are met. He is very creative on how he engages his students in learning!!!!

Mr. Ordonez at LLMS is a great math teacher. He makes sure all his students get the extra support they need.

Mrs. Ridley from LLHS takes the time to connect with her students. She is is an outstanding teacher!

Sara Graf is a very caring and understanding administrator!!! She is also a great listener and leader!

Mrs. Navarro Rocks!!! She is a very patient and kind teacher!!!

This "Shout Out" is for all the staff and students at Sundance Elementary who recently achieved certification at High Reliability Schools Level 4! The staff and students at Sundance are committed to learning and growing. Every single student, teacher, and staff contribution has made this amazing achievement possible. Way to go TEAM!

Mrs. Farrell, you are an amazing 5th grade teachers! Even in a virtual setting you help your students reach high levels of learning! Thank you! :)

Sheresa Jaramillo, thank you for being an amazing coworker! You are always prepared and thinking ahead! Your work ethic is one of the best! :)

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Max Gabaldon for his hard word and dedication to Staff, Students and Parents at LLMS! Thank you Max, your awesome!

Amanda Ridgeway, Thank you for going above and beyond for your students and fellow staff. We appreciate you and all you do. You are an amazing teacher and we are so lucky to have you!! :) -Kerri!

A huge thank you to Tiffany Barela at RGE! She is always willing to work with parents, staff and students to work out any tech issues. We truly appreciate all of her efforts!

Shoutout to the EA's at RGE! These ladies are taking Apple Training seriously and any other learning that they can get in order to support the learning of our students! It is exciting to see them learn, grow and also support student learning!

Tamara Kumbalek at VHS is a superstar!

Shout out to the amazing special education team at Desert View Elementary! They all go above and beyond for our scholars!

A Huge Shout out to Edric Chavez, the best PLC Coach at LLMS!

A Huge Shout out to Edric Chavez, the best PLC Coach at LLMS!
Shout out to All the therapist and support staff reaching out to students to meet their individual needs!!
Adam Hulskamp - His incredible knowledge of grade level curriculum and standards is inspiring. He never fails to teach me something and always encourages me to be the best version of myself - as a teacher and a learner.

Congratulations to Sundance Elementary! Their new HRS Level 4 Certification and PLC Model School designation makes them one of two schools in the nation with both honors.

Mrs.Brito and the EA's at LLMS. What a blessing it is to be part of this TEAM.

Thank you to our 6th grade teacher, Ms. Gough at Sundance Elementary. I am so thankful for all of the hard work and effort you put forth to educate our 6th graders. You make learning fun and are always there to support your students and parents. You are so appreciated!

A special thanks to Mrs. Blaine at Sundance Elementaryfor always going above and beyond for her 5th grade students. You are a positive light every day for my kids! Thank you for all that you do!

Mr. Albert Aragon, Mrs.Gonzales, Mrs. Argo, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Himeur, Mr. Baca and Mr. Beraun at VHS!! Thank you for everything you do for all your students!! Your dedication and love for your students does not go unnoticed. VHS ROCKS!! GO JAGS!!

Kerri in Technology has helped so many staff and students with tech issues in such a positive way. Thank you!

Mrs. Martinez-Munoz is an amazing leader! She gives her ALL to the staff and students at DVE! l We are blessed to work with her!

Shoutout to Mrs. Janelle, Mr. Orlando and Mrs. Barela for keeping RGE's Technology going!

Mrs. Parra and Ms. Ritter at DVE, are the BEST part of my son's day! They are both such amazing teachers who truly care about their students.

Shout OUT to Brian Chavez for always going above and way beyond! - Mike Good

Andrew (Sanchez) is awesome! (Work Order from DVE)

Eldon King is always willing to help and I appreciate that so much. - VHS Staff Member

We were trying to resolve issues on phone and then Marilyn suggested a zoom to expedite the issue. Marilyn is so detail oriented, knowledgeable, and works until the issue is taken care of. She is an amazing person and so thankful to have her with LLHS!! - LLHS Staff Member

Thank you Silvia Trujillo for all your support during zoom classes.

Shout out to Lisa Gabaldon, educational diagnostician at DVE. She is new to our Los Lunas family and has become a vital member. She is so caring and willing to take time to explain things to families and she supports the whole team. Thank you for your support.

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Kathy Dockery (Century High school) for how she's teaching our kiddos during the Academic Assistance zoom. One of our kids was all smiles while he was learning yesterday and Kathy is always so enthusiastic! Way to go, Kathy!!!!!!

I want to give a big shout out to Neal Ohle (Century High school), who has tirelessly worked to make sure CHS students are getting the support they need for a successful year in the midst of this pandemic. He not only tutors during CAAZ but also spends hours outside work time to help students get caught up on APEX. Thank you Neal for caring so much about these kids. You are awesome dude!

Peralta Elementary for having an amazing staff who are all willing to go above and beyond what is needed for student learning and well being.

Way to go Nichole Villella, the most amazing ISC!

Shout out to the most amazing staff of Desert View Elementary. Our scholars have the best that you can get!

Clair Toledo! You have done sooo much for LLHS from solving so many tech issues to knowing what is best for staff and students thank you for so so involved and supportive!

Edric Chavez has supported his staff a TON! Thank you for going the extra mile!

Theresa Fuentes is hands down such an amazing ESL teacher and reading coach! Thanks for all you do ;)

I am so impressed with Laurie Gutierrez and the amazing opportunities she gives to her Kinders! Thanks for being so inspiring!

Roxanne Baca is such an inspiring and encouraging person to be around! Always puts a smile on my face plus she is an all time amazing teacher!

The Personnel Specialists (Brittney, Marlene, Nicole, Jessica) are amazing!

Thank you Alicia Hawkes for going the extra mile with your own kids and students!

Shout out to Mike Good and his tech team. Making what seems like impossible POSSIBLE!!

Clark Boatwright has gone beyond measures of making sure staff and students have access to so many tech tools, programs and request!

Tiffany Barela is such a fun inspiring educator! Encourages everyone around and always so positive!

Mr. Ham - Sundance Elementary

Shout out to our DVE Staff who is constantly doing what is best for our scholars on a daily basis!!! Thanks Desert View Elementary for all your dedication and hard work! You are very much appreciated!!!!

Shout out to Elena Trodden for your dedication and all your hard work for ALL of Los Lunas Schools! You and your Team are much appreciated!!! Thanks for your positive attitude and keeping us up to date with testing and data!!!

I would like to recognize Ms. DJ Everett for her dedication to the students at CHS. Not only has she been a fantastic IEP Coordinator for all of our special education students, but she has gone above and beyond in the ways of tutoring them, coming into our zooms, and looking into ways to improve learning. Thank you so much and do know that you are inspiriting to work next to! Thank you for everything that you have done for our school.

I would like to pass the spotlight to Mr. Rick Cole. I have sat in his class almost every day, and I see the way he encourages the students. He has an intensive course for English II, and he encourages the students to keep on going and only shares positivity with them. I am sure at times it can be discouraging to see that students do not turn in work, but he lets them know they can do it and he never gives up on them. Thank you, Mr. Cole, for doing the work!

"Carla Chambers is such a big part of my day helping with students with classwork, class discussions, helps out when needed and always has a smile on her face. Just love this wonderful person." Sent from Mrs. Arguello

"Audriana Vigil for being an amazing tech support and 5th grade teacher!"

"Brenda Seedig - Thank you for all your support and stepping up when needed to run zoom sessions and class discussions. Love ya wonderful woman. Thank you for your support and loving personality in the zoom sessions." From Mrs. Arguello

"Shoutout to our Special Services department for supporting our work with SEL!"

"Los Lunas High School English Teacher at going above and beyond to help their students!"

"Shout out to Peggy Johnson for providing fun engaging coding opportunities for our students during Computers class!"

"Audriana Vigil for being an amazing tech support and 5th grade teacher!"

"Mrs. Fiedler for being an amazing teacher!"

"Awesome job to our district, staff, students, and families!"

"Dr. David Olguin, VHS - You're amazing! Thanks for sharing you knowledge."

"Mike Good has done a TREMENDOUS job of making sure all students have access to the internet."

"The Technology Team for helping students and staff with any and all technology issues."

"Lorena Orona, Secretary VHS - Kindest woman in the world!"

"This shout out goes to Mary McGowan!! She does it all and always with a smile. She is always making sure we are all doing ok. Her support is so appreciated!! You Rock Mary!"

"Shout out to Valerie Hillis at Sundance. She has jumped right in and has quickly become a huge asset to the staff and students at SE. She always has a positive attitude and is a great Music teacher and support person to the First-Grade Team. Thank you, Valerie!"

"Michelle Salazar, our diagnostician at VMS is always willing to go the extra mile and help us to prepare for REEDs and EDT's. It doesn't go unnoticed and we appreciate you!!"

"Ms. J at LLMS! While the current state of things is less than ideal for a first year in your own classroom, Ms. J always has a smile, a quippy remark, and innovating ideas. You're awesome sauce, chica!"

"First Grade Teachers from RGE: Annette Jaramillo, Kayla Young, Tanya Strong. These teachers are going above and beyond to support each other, lift up their students and make everyone feel valued and included. I visit the classrooms daily and I see how much the students learn and love their teachers."

"Mrs. Burt at SE - She is an excellent teacher and helps her 4th graders learn in fun, interactive ways! She is always positive and goes above and beyond for her class."

"Big time kudos to Clark Boatwright in the technology department! He always makes sure students, faculty, and staff have the technology they need. Thanks so much!"

"Thank you Mrs. Benavidez at RGE! I appreciate all that you do for not just our students, but also for our staff! I appreciate you!"

"This person is always willing to help out with all things technology! RGE could not function without her!"

"Lillian Lopez, Your hard work and caring heart sure shines making a positive difference for our students!!"

"Shout Out to Carisa Otero for the amazing art ideas she shares with students and the community!"

"Lacy Rivera is one of the most inspiring educators I know! So supportive, smart and a joy to talk to!"

"'I would like to give a shout out to Genevieve here at the site of RGE, She is always willing to go above and beyond in to help anybody in need at our school site. She would come in every day to help her teacher, her student and the rest of the office staff. Thank you Genevieve for your generous and kind heart!"

"ALL THE STAFF AT BOSQUE FARMS ELEMENTRY!! We appreciate all you do and your love for kids! We miss you and can't wait to be back in person!"
"A BIG SHOUT OUT to Mr. Sosa, Mr. Hays, and Mrs. Oshiro, the administration at LLMS. Thank you for always being there for Staff and Students."

"Julie Dutchover, You are an amazing educator and strive to give your students the best opportunities to learn!"

"Shout out to Karla Dow and Suzy Chavez at Valencia Elementary! Thank you for taking such great care of your students and staff!!"

"Mr. Baton always a smile on his face and so fun to explore creative ways to engage students with!"

"Shout out to DVE Staff for going beyond the call of duty way to go DVE!!!"

"Katherine Gallegos Elementary staff! Such a wonderful, hardworking, caring group of people!!"
"The Bosque Farms Elementary staff is amazing! They have stepped up and met the challenge of remote learning with grit! So very proud of them! They are...Simply the BEST!!!"

"Katherine Gallegos Elementary staff! Such a wonderful, hardworking, caring group of people!!"

"A special shoutout to Vanessa Perea for her kind caring heart to all her students!!"

"Verna Apodaca at Valencia Elementary goes over and beyond for her students. She reaches out and makes sure that they are taught to their highest potential and also makes sure they are safe. Thank you Verna for being so AMAZING every single day!!!"

"Thank you Jenny Polson for engaging students in learning and using innovative meaningful strategies that meet all our learners!"

"Mrs. Burt and Mr. Ham, thank you for always being willing to help with technology issues."
"I would like to give a SHOUT OUT for Clark Boatwright. Clark does SO MUCH behind the scenes. Being successful with remote learning would have been far more difficult without him on our staff!" -Mike Good

"Mrs. Venessa Tregembo - She is the most amazing assistant principal. She is kind, helpful, caring. She is detailed and organized. She does so much to make Sundance the absolute best place to work."

"Shout out to Shelley Brown who is going over and beyond to meet the needs of all of her littles!"

"Jeff Sanchez is an incredible asset to our team! He just completed all the requirements to be a nationally certified speech-language pathologist. Congratulations, Jeff, and welcome to our team!"

"Richard Williamson! He is an AMAZING co-instructor!!!"

"Margie Zamora keeps my head above water. Thank you for your support. Love you!"

"To Alaina Castillo ❤️ For always being there to help when I need it!"

"Sheresa Jaramillo is an amazing Professional Learning Coach with a great attitude! She is always willing to support and go above & beyond."

"This 5th Grade Teacher creates amazing spelling sorts weekly for out team! Thank you Lisa Craig -I love the word sorts!"

"Ashley Robinson is a positive force in BFE 5th grade! She is always sharing wonderful ideas for our team, and she always values the ideas of others!"

"Jessica Montano and Jeff Hartog"

"I'd like to send a huge shout out to Janelle and Orlando from the Tech Department for always being patient and professional when helping me with tech issues."

"RGE Team. We make it Work!"

"Kari Dutton, working her math booty off o that her kiddos are able to learn in these crazy digital times!"

"The Technology Team for helping students and staff with any and all technology issues."
"Special Education Instructional Assistants who are willing to support our students and help the teachers in so many ways."

"Mrs. Ashley Robinson is such an incredible teacher. She makes learning fun even through remote learning. She is loved and appreciated! Love, The Sego Girls"

"Albert Aragon, Principal - VHS Mr. Aragon has bee a 'rock' for all of us at VHS. He has an unwavering focus on doing what is best for students; At the same time, he is dedicated to doing anything in his capacity to provide the staff and teachers with what they need to be successful at what they do. He makes time to connect with the VHS community, and his calm demeanor and openness to staff input (and constructive criticism) helps us all stay focused on what is important, the growth of our staff, teachers, and, always, our students."

"Mikela Romero always goes above and beyond for the teachers and staff that she works with. She is always looking for ways she can offer support and she is a true inspiration!"

"Deanna Herrera for taking over Kinder Class at BFE, you are doing an awesome job and I truly appreciate you."

"Connie Campos for helping students with technology not only students from Century High but from other schools as well."

"Eliseo Aguirre CHS teacher's principal CHS student's principal"

"I would like to recognize the staff of RGE who are working hard to build strong relationships with the students and their families. Our teachers, assistants, secretaries and counselor are always reaching out! RGE ROARS!"

"Mikela Romero"

"Cassie Sena-Jennings for helping with the office duties."

"I would like a Shout OUT to Mrs. Karla Dow and Mrs. Suzy Chavez...two awesome leaders of VE!!!"

"I would like to give a SHOUT OUT to Sonya Strong who does an amazing job with explaining the complex evaluation information to IEP teams in an understanding, friendly, and caring way!"

"Ryne Eversgerd, working hard to continue to engage his students while teaching math!"

"A huge Shout OUT to my 1st Grade team and Families at VE...You Rock!!!!"

"Tiffany Barrela is amazing with the students and staff and parents of RGE she always goes the extra mile to help in any way via phone or email RGE loves and thanks you!"

"Great appreciation goes out to Maria Aragon for everything she does and provides for her students. An amazing hard working Art teacher!"

"Sarah Silva is such a fun, positive PE coach!"

"Rena Sedillo!!!! She is an AMAZING co-instructor!!!"

"To all who put this awesome page together! What a great way to remain positive regardless of our situation, while making others feel great too...genius!!!"

"Los Lunas Schools entire staff....you are AMAZING!!! and I'm glad I'm part of the team. Stay Safe"

"Kenneth Provine is a rockstar Math teacher and overall such a hardworking awesome person!"

"Ms. Hagen for being an amazing art teacher who's full of energy!!!!"

"The LLMS Tiger Family is AWESOME!"

"Jocelyn Gibson for being the best Inclusion Coach, you make IEPs so easy and are so supportive. You are also always thinking about the students and how we can make learning the best for them."

"I want to give a Shout Out to D'Nene, Amy, and Laurie for their resources support, preparing textbooks for staff, Battle of the Books support, librarian support specialists support, tech tips, daily communication and encouragement, and friendship. Thank you Ladies!"~~Teresa Martinez, LLMS Librarian

"Thank You Stephanie Gutierrez for the connections you have influenced among your students. Giving them opportunities to collaborate with each other and find fun ways to showcase their learning! Your hard work truly shows!"

"Mr. Gibson, Susan Chavez, Brian Baca for their service leadership to our district employees, students, and community."

"Rose in Ed Tech"

"I want to recognize Mr. Aragon, our VHS principal for his great leadership and support during this very stressful time!!"

"Felisa Boatwright, 3rd grade teacher at KGE, puts her heart into educating her students every day!"

"Erica Hidalgo: No matter how many tasks/jobs Mrs. Hidalgo is never too busy to take the time to support her staff or engage in new ideas. She is an awesome leader!!!"

"Victoria R. Chavez-LLE-4th Grade for providing regular, timely, targeted reading and writing interventions to students on essential content... You are a superstar that is altering life-trajectories!"

"Tamara Aragon- Thank you for your willingness to coach with little prep and to push in to my classroom when I need support to implement new learning! You make me more willing to take risks to improve student engagement and learning! Thank you for responding to my questions with a quick response. Thanks a million! -Carolyna Aparici Chávez."

"Katherine Gallegos Elementary staff! Such a wonderful, hardworking, caring group of people!!"

"Los Lunas High School English Teacher at going above and beyond to help their students!"

"Mr. Antonio Barrio Tomé Elementary. Mr. Barrio continues to find new and exciting ways to use our Apple technology and also helps with simple technology issues that we may need more practice with. Thank you Mr. Barrio, you are Awesome!!!"

"Kevin Baca always tells it like it is. Gotta love the honesty in this day & age!"

"Jonathan Bock is a great teacher and a great tech support person. He takes time out of his schedule to help all of the staff at KGE. He is patient with those not so techy people and helps in every way."

"Ann Parish Elementary Staff "

"Mr. Albert Aragon, Principal VHS & All Staff - Positive, Kind, Gentle"

"Thank You Stephanie Gutierrez for the connections you have influenced among your students. Giving them opportunities to collaborate with each other and find fun ways to showcase their learning! Your hard work truly shows!"

"ALL CHS Staff and Teachers"

"Shout out to Jeannie Stokes by being a great team member and a valuable resource to both staff and students!"

"Dianah Ortega is always willing to help when anyone has a question or needs an assignment for a class, or notes to help guide a lesson. She stands up for what is right for both staff and students, and is willing to put on the boxing gloves to fight for what is right."

"Veronica Montero has done so much in helping in getting in touch with our students who we can’t get a hold of as well as getting food to those families that need it most."

"Ms. Janna Mills is an awesome teacher. With all that is going on, she remains positive and up beat for students! Love, The Sego Girls"

"Sarah Pohl sure knows what it takes to be an awesome educator! Students love being in her class and she makes such a positive culture for them :)"

"Shout Out to all IT peeps, you keep everyone connected!"

"ALL CHS Staff and Teachers - What an amazing and supportive family dedicated to their students. Go Centurions!"

"Mrs. Gyorgyi Stringer is an amazing kindergarten teacher! She prepared our girls for first grade so well. She is truly talented at what she does!" Thank you, Love The Sego Girls

shine out, shout out

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