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Business and Finance

The mission/goal of the Los Lunas Schools Finance and Operations Division is to passionately support the District’s vision -
“Every Student Matters. Every Moment Counts."Every Department is dedicated to accomplishing this by:
  • Being a good steward of the taxpayers’ dollar through the effective and efficient management of the resources provided by your tax dollars;

  • Providing world class customer service to all of our customers both internal (students and staff ) and external (the taxpayer, community and parents) by demonstrating our commitment to quality, perseverance, business savvy, watching and understanding current and future trends in best business practices as well as economic indicators/climate, and pledging that our customers will always get the best;

  • Ensuring compliance with Board of Education Policies, state and federal laws.

We look forward to being of service to you, and putting forth a world class effort to effectively and efficiently manage the resources entrusted to us by you, the public.