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About Educational Technology

Welcome to our Education Technology Department

Educational Technology (EdTech) is the use of physical hardware and software to facilitate learning and improve academic performance.

Our goal is to provide relevant professional development to impact transformational learning with digital technology with a focus on the essential skills taught to our students. The ISTE Standards for Students, Educators, and Educational Leaders guide our practices as we design authentic and relevant learning experiences that empower our students to become computational thinkers, creative communicators, and global collaborators as they learn with their peers and support the larger community. We are committed to increasing student achievement through a district-wide, technology-rich curriculum focused on improving teaching and learning.

Each school site has a designated Site Educational Technology Coordinator(s). A list of the coordinators is on the side bar to the right.

We are here to support you with Educational Technology in your classroom. Please visit this page routinely for updated information on Ed Tech.

Susan Chavez, Heather Ridley, Mary McGowan, Michael Romero, Tamara Aragon, and Antonio Barrio

Educational Technology Directory

Tamara Aragon
Digital Learning Coach

Antonio Barrio
Digital Learning Coach

Susan D. Chavez
Chief Student Services Officer

Mary McGowan
Director of Special Education

Heather Ridley
Digital Learning Coach

Michael Romero
Digital Learning Coach

Rosaura Trujillo
Digital Learning Coach

Site Ed Tech Coordinators

Audriana Vigil
Ann Parish Elementary

Sarah Elizabeth MacKenzie
Bosque Farms Elementary

Yvette Gonzales
Desert View Elementary

Joshua Ham
Katherine Gallegos Elementary

Shelley Alsbaugh
Los Lunas Elementary

Theresa Moya
Peralta Elementary

Holly Hudgens
Raymond Gabaldon Elementary

Cristy Burt
Sundance Elementary

Reina Silva
Tomé Elementary

Amanda Kreiner
Valencia Elementary

Connie Campos
Century High School/Los Lunas Family School

Rebecca Garley and Margaret Jiron
Los Lunas Middle School

Andrea TenorioChristine Reese, and Adam Hamlin
Los Lunas High School

Sarah Pohl and William Bohaty
Valencia Middle School

Aandrea Hays
Valencia High School