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About Us

Purchasing Information

Purchasing Department's operating procedures are governed by the New Mexico State Procurement Code, NMSA 1978, and the Los Lunas Schools Board of Education District Purchasing Policy.


Los Lunas Schools is a participating member of the New Mexico Public Procurement Association and the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing.

Tax Identification Number

Los Lunas Schools is exempt from retail sales tax.  To obtain a Non Taxable Transaction Certificate please contact Los Lunas Schools Business Office at 505-866-8250. 

Visitor Policy

The Purchasing Department encourages and welcomes vendors to supply their catalogs and price lists of goods/services they provide or manufacture.  Vendors are also welcome to visit the Purchasing Department; however, in order for the staff and vendors to schedule their time efficiently, an appointment is recommended.  Appointments may be scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Please call 505-866-8259 to schedule an appointment.

BID Procedures

Formal competitive sealed bidding and the Request For Proposal, or RFP process, is required to procure professional services, services, construction and/or tiems of tangible personal property having a value exceeding sixty-thousand dollars ($60,000), excluding applicable state and local gross receipts taxes (NM State Procurement Code 13-1-125).

Cooperative Procurement

Los Lunas Schools may utilize cooperative purchasing agreements awarded by other public entities or cooperative purchasing organizations when it is determined to be in our best interest.