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Gifted Education

Gifted Education in New Mexico is under the umbrella of Special Education. In the New Mexico Administrative Code ( a gifted child is defined as a school-age person whose intellectual ability paired with subject matter aptitude/achievement, creativity/divergent thinking, and/or problem-solving/critical thinking meets the eligibility criteria in this section and for whom a properly constituted Individual Education Program (IEP) team determines special education services are required to meet the child's educational needs.

Gifted screenings are a component of the referral process for a gifted evaluation. All gifted screenings and evaluations are conducted by Educational Diagnosticians. Gifted referrals start at the school sites through the child's general education teacher. Please contact your child's teacher if you feel your child requires a gifted screening. The Response to Intervention Specialist at the elementary schools can assist with the gifted referral process for your child.

Each elementary school has a Teacher of the Gifted who provides gifted services for students with giftedness and have an Individualized Education Program. Middle schools and high schools have Gifted Case Managers who ensure that middle and high school students with giftedness are receiving their gifted services as determined by their IEP. The Inclusion Support Coaches at the elementary school sites facilitate the IEP meetings for elementary students with giftedness. Our district has an Inclusion Support Coach for secondary (middle and high schools) students with giftedness and this individual facilitates the IEP meetings for secondary students.


Gifted Education in New Mexico PED Technical Assistance Manual
National Association for Gifted Children


Jennifer Chavez Baca
Inclusion Support Coach
Secondary Gifted Students
Los Lunas High School Case Manager

Martha Navarro
Gifted Case Manager
Valencia High School

Malinda Ortega
Teacher of the Gifted
Ann Parish Elementary
Los Lunas Elementary
Raymond Gabaldon Elementary
Sundance Elementary

Sarah Pohl
Gifted Case Manager
Valencia Middle School

Suzanne Sais
Teacher of the Gifted
Bosque Farms Elementary
Desert View Elementary
Peralta Elementary

Heather Simpson
Gifted Case Manager
Los Lunas Middle School

Teacher of the Gifted
Katherine Gallegos Elementary
Tomé Elementary
Valencia Elementary