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Teacher Resource Ctr.

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Terri Ortiz TRC Staff

Shannon "Shay" Newey (TRC Facilitator)

Norma Martinez (TRC Secretary)


801 Coronado NE
Los Lunas, NM 87031
(across from Los Lunas Elementary)
Phone 505-866-2442


The Terri Ortiz Teacher Resource Center, in a cooperative effort to motivate and energize professionals in education, is dedicated to serve as a center for innovative and creative development.      
The Teacher Resource Center will provide an edifice for teachers to take charge of their own professional growth and afford them an opportunity to share with one another the wealth of expertise they possess.   

The future goals of the Teacher Resource Center are to:    

  • Strengthen collaboration among teachers across disciplines

  • Provide resources to create quality learning materials

  • Provide professional development, training, and support

  • Make computers and other technologies available for use and training  

The Terri Ortiz Teacher Resource Center will provide the atmosphere and structure to promote sharing and increased understanding of resources, ideas, methods, approaches, information, and materials among educators.    

Frontline Education (click here for direct access to Frontline Education)

What We Offer:

  • Die cuts (alphabets, borders, shapes and more....)
  • Variquest Electric Design Center and Learning Modules
  • Assorted sizes and colors of copy paper, card stock, tag board, and construction paper for workroom use.
  • 24" heat seal laminator
  • 26" XYRON cold laminator to use with electronic Die Cut machine only.
  • Poster machine
  • Various paper cutters and binding machines
  • Copy requests must be submitted online.

The TRC is a Make and Take Facility. We are not a supply store. Prudent use of equipment and supplies will assure the center's future generosity.

Other Areas and Items Available for Use:     

  • The 3 larger rooms hold approximately 40 people comfortably, but can accommodate more if needed.  Each room has an LCD projector and computer cart for presentations, work shops, meetings, etc.
  • The TRC also has a full kitchen for serving snacks, pot lucks, or a luncheon for your group.
  • Please complete this online form to request a meeting room.