Philosophy & Purpose

Philosophy & Purpose of the Interscholastic Athletic Program

  1. The major goal of an interscholastic athletic program is the same as any other educational program—to provide youth with the opportunity to develop to their maximum potential. In this case, the program provides for development of physical and mental skills through competitive athletics, which enhances students’ personal and social skills. Competitive athletics generates a pride in achievement; an appreciation of team effort, hard work, and fair play; respect for rules of the game; and respect for the abilities of others. It should be noted that participation in athletic activities is a privilege offered to and earned by students.
  2. Interscholastic athletic programs are designed to give special opportunity for maximum development of athletic skills for physically gifted students. However, every student who is interested in athletics should have the opportunity to compete for positions on teams. The talented student is expected to give more and produce more because of that talent. An athlete gains respect for self and others and values diligence, achievement, and excellence. These are the positive reasons for providing a program of athletic competition.
  3. A sound athletic program must be based on sound educational principles. Every athletic program sponsored and supported by the schools must be considered a phase of the educational process. If an athletic program does not serve positive educational goals, the expenditure of time and money is not justified. Athletics are an integral part of the total educational program. They are extracurricular only in the sense that they are assigned time outside of the students academic class schedule. The academic and athletic programs should be mutually complementary.
  4. A coach should be a dedicated teacher who has a great influence on students. As a professional educator, the coach should set high standards and serve as a model for students. A coach has the responsibility to be a teacher first and a coach second. A coach should be a professional who works closely with the administration, teachers, and counselors. A worthy coach will stress the importance of achievement in all endeavors as well as sports. A coach must work continually with the student body, parents, and public to help them understand the relationship between the goals of education and interscholastic athletics.  As an educational endeavor, the coach identifies and strives to attain specified objectives through methods and techniques based on sound principles of learning.

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