Squad Selection

Squad Selection

A. In accordance with our philosophy of athletics and our desire to see as many students as possible participate in the athletic program; we encourage coaches to keep as many students as they can without unbalancing the integrity of their sport. Obviously, time, space, facilities, and other factors will place limitations on the most effective squad size for any particular sport. However, when developing policy in this regard, strive to maximize the opportunities for our students without diluting the quality of the program. Sports that cut will use the NMAA state tournament roster limitations.

B. Cutting Policies
Choosing the member of the athletic team is the sole responsibility of the Head Coach.

C. Prior to trying out, the coach will provide the following information to all team candidates:

1. Extent of try-out period.
2. Criteria used to select the team.
3. Number to be selected.
4. Practice commitment if they make the team.
5. Game commitments.

D. No student will be allowed to try-out for an athletic team without a doctor's physical, proof of insurance, and parent permission. (Must meet eligibility requirements)

E. When a squad cut becomes a necessity, the process will include the following elements:

1. Each candidate must have competed in a minimum of three (3) practice sessions (Try-out period determined by Head Coach).

2. The Coach shall personally and privately inform each candidate cut and the reason for the action. Cut lists are not to be posted! Posting of team lists shall be considered acceptable.

3. Coaches will discuss alternative possibilities for participation in the sport or other areas of the athletic program.

4. If a Coach foresees difficulties arising because of squad cuts, he/she should discuss the situation with the athletic coordinator, building principal or athletic director.

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