Transportation of Students

Transportation of Students

  1. Transportation of Athletes by Coaches

    Staff members should be advised that they are personally responsible and liable for any situations that may arise as a result of transporting athletes to or from practices and/or games. Athletic staff should not transport students except in cases where failure to do so would be considered inadequate supervision. These situations are rare and infrequent. In such cases, staff members must be personally insured, and exercise reasonable caution. They also must make every attempt to notify District Administration or the Athletic Coordinator. Notification before transporting is preferable, but if not possible, notification afterwards is essential.

  2. Method of Transportation

    The District provides round trip transportation for all out-of-town contests. This is the only method of transportation allowed, including for coaches. An exception may be made only if the parents or guardians provide written authorization (Parent/Guardian Transportation Release Form) to the coach stating the parent/guardian will transport their athlete (Must be approved by AD). An authorized number of student athletes plus managers, coaches, and trainers constitutes the normal travel group. If necessary, administrative personnel or the principal’s designee may travel with the team. All others are prohibited from riding in a bus transporting a Los Lunas Schools Athletic Team.

  3. Los Lunas Schools Athletic Transportation Guidelines
    1. Bus schedule changes should be made at the time of any scheduled event change.
    2. Cancellations should be made as soon as possible, but a minimum of two (2) hours prior is required if at all possible.
    3. The school shall designate a pick-up and drop-off area at the school for all sports.
    4. During summer events, the head coach must get written parent permission for all students who transport themselves or transport other athletes. Students should not be allowed to transport themselves or transport other students to summer events outside the Albuquerque Metro Area.
  4. Conditions of Use
    1. To provide transportation for student-athletes, managers, trainers, coaches, and administrators only.
    2. Direct supervision by a school-approved coach or sponsor is required for all transportation. Head Coach will ride the bus. (Supervision Plan)
    3. Coaches or sponsor must check buses before and after use for cleanliness/damage.
    4. Conduct of the entire party is the responsibility of the coach or sponsor.
    5. Buses need to remain on site during contests except for refueling.
    6. Personal property left on the bus is the sole responsibility of the owner.
    7. Departure must occur no more than 20 minutes after completion of local contests.
    8. The Director of Transportation or designee (can be the driver) are responsible for decisions regarding weather, safety, etc.
    9. Drivers are limited by DOT regulations to ten (10) hours driving and 15 hours on duty.
    10. Coaches are encouraged to arrange for “to go” meals for return trips.
  5. Two across seating will be assumed for all athletic travel, unless emergencies arise. The appropriate activity buses will be assigned to teams in accordance with distances to be traveled. In cases of scheduling conflicts, teams traveling greater distances will be given priority with regard to activity busses. Transportation of student athletes will take into consideration gender equity and appropriateness of equipment.
  6. Meals – The district will provide meals for teams traveling 75 miles or greater. $8.00 dollars per individual will be allocated. Meals purchased by booster clubs/parent organizations must adhere to the $8.00 per individual allocation. (Subject to change due to budgetary constraints).
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