LLS High Schools Going Digital

LLS High Schools Going Digital
Posted on 08/06/2019
High school students across the Los Lunas Schools district will soon be receiving a MacBook Air to use in and out of the classroom. Over the past two weeks, Los Lunas High, Valencia High and Century High have been hosting orientations for parents and students.

Clair Toledo is an assistant principal at Los Lunas High School. She explained to parents why MacBooks would play a pivotal role in their child’s education.

“Most colleges have been 1:1 for years. So we want to prepare your student for college or the workforce,” she said. “Our curriculum is quickly going digital. Books are outdated and heavy.”

Many parents are thrilled with the high-tech change, including Victoria Villalobos. Her son will be a freshman at LLHS.

“I think it’s really good for the students,” she stated. “We do technology every day and everywhere and so for them to learn it, it’s going to be really good for them.”

Ms. Toledo said there would still be some textbooks in use as the schools gradually shift to going fully digital, which is okay for Villalobos. She said it is time to do away with the traditional textbooks. “I hated the big bulky textbooks. They made the backpacks so heavy so this is going to be way easier and I am really happy with this change.”

Her son, F.R., says he too is excited for the MacBook. “It’s pretty cool, excited to use it.”

The switch to MacBooks has been two years in the making. During that time, teachers have been receiving training on how to implement the devices into their curriculum. The trainings do not end there. Additional trainings are in the future and teachers will receive assistance from the district’s Digital Learning Coaches.

One of the coaches, Tamara Aragon, said going 1:1 is beneficial to our students by learning in the classroom while connecting to the world around them and preparing them for the future.

“MacBooks in the classroom is an amazing opportunity for students to become creators of content, show creativity and unleash their potential right at their fingertips,” Aragon explained. “Being 1:1, learning can be differentiated to meet the needs of students through the many accessibility features MacBook has to offer.”

The schools will be rolling out the MacBook Airs to students shortly after school begins this fall. The goal is for the students to use the same device throughout high school. Each year, they must pay a $45 fee, which covers some costs for any damages they may cause. There is another incentive for students to take care of their MacBook Air. When they graduate, they have the option to purchase the device at a deeply discounted cost.

“I love this option,” said Villalobos. “When my son graduates, I believe we can buy the MacBook for just $25.”

The MacBook is just the latest effort by Los Lunas Schools to implement technology in the classroom. Students and teachers from Valencia Middle School and Los Lunas Middle School began using iPads last school year and some elementary schools have been using the tablets for the past few years.
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