Brain Dump

brainWhen feeling stressed and overwhelmed with thoughts bouncing around your head, try a Brain Dump! Write down your thoughts to rest your brain and clear your mind to better focus on one task at a time. Here are the steps as to

1. When unsure of where to start, think of the category prompts:
○ Things that you need to do
○ Things that scare you
○ Things that you feel angry about
○ Things that make you sad
○ Goals you have for today
○ Goals you have for next week
○ Goals you have for next year
○ Things that bum you out

2. Write all of your current thoughts down, all thoughts are okay.

3. Don’t think about how neat these are written down or if they are spelled correctly.

4. Underline things you need to talk to someone about, circle encouraging things, put a square around the things you need to do today, and cross out the things that you don’t need.

5. Reflect on these things:
○ Mindfully ponder the circled items and be grateful for
○ Number the squared items in order of what you will do.
○ If the crossed out thoughts come back, tell them that today is not to spend on them.
○ Figure out who to talk to about the underlined items. If no one comes to mind, think about contacting a counselor or mental health hotline.

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