Mood Booster Calendar


Day 1:
Send a teacher a message of appreciation

Day 2:
Take your dog for a walk

Day 3:
Go outside

Day 4:
Make something with your hands

Day 5:
Plan a picnic

Day 6:
Take a walk

Day 7:
Read a book

Day 8:
Make a cake

Day 9:
Take a silly picture

Day 10:

Breathe through your stress

Day 11:
Listen to music

Day 12:
Create a list of everything you want to accomplish this year

Day 13:
Make a personalized card for a friend

Day 14:
Tell a joke

Day 15:
Tag someone who inspires you
Day 16:
Write a letter to someone

Day 17:
Go on a hike

Day 18:
Read a newspaper or a magazine

Day 19:
Take a break from screen

Day 20:

Send a picture of your smile to a friend

Day 21:
Think about what you are thankful for

Day 22:
Go to bed an hour earlier

Day 23:
Note one thing you are grateful for

Day 24:
Make a new friend

Day 25:
Happy DNA Day! Think of 5 things that make you unique

Day 26:
Share an inspirational quote with a friend

Day 27:
Make a music list

Day 28:
Post your favorite super hero and why

Day 29:
Eat a square of dark chocolate

Day 30:
Listen to a podcast
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