LLS 2022 Action Plan Closeout

LLS 2022 Action Plan Closeout
Posted on 07/22/2022

2022 Action Plan Closeout

Presented to BOE: July 19, 2022
Dr. Arsenio Romero, Superintendent

LLS Foundational Assumptions

Every Los Lunas student will graduate equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to pursue a path of their choice.

  •  Every student deserves access to a robust, rigorous, and complete curriculum at their grade level
  • Every student is capable of engaging with grade-level standards and rigorous content
  • Every student deserves to use technology as a tool for learning AND a tool to express their learning in creative ways
  • Every student deserves a classroom experience that acknowledges their integrated cognitive, social, and emotional development
  • Every student deserves to have the opportunity to learn in multiple languages, just as their global peers

Our Purpose

We believe that the purpose is to achieve immediate, sustained, and dramatic change towards high quality instruction that will result in every Los Lunas student graduating with the knowledge, skills, and attributes to pursue a path of their choice. Los Lunas Schools will unite in creating a model that develops instructional leaders who impact our students, district, and community through the intentional building of collaborative structures and curriculum that support high expectations and rigorous instruction, which will increase the success of ALL students. The uniting of our efforts will create a learning community where all children feel safe, loved, empowered, and equipped with the knowledge and mindsets they need to navigate the world around them.
There will be a year-long focus on MLSS that includes; development of a rigorous, complete, and consistently paced district curriculum in ELA, Math, and Science across all school sites; accelerated Tier/Layer I instruction in every classroom using district assessments to guide instructional decisions, leadership development in observation and feedback to support teacher development; and integrating technology and SEL in innovative new ways.
Increasing opportunity for students through improving supports for English learners, continuing to provide excellent Special Education services, designing CTE pathways, and recruiting and retaining high quality teachers.

Big Rocks

Culture – having systems in place to create, maintain and celebrate a learning environment that fosters openness, transparency, effective communication, accountability and a common language.

Observation and Feedback – Every teacher will receive face-to-face feedback based on bi-weekly observations. Improved instructional outcomes will be a result of specific, supportive feedback oriented towards instruction, action plan and follow-up.

Data Driven Instruction- Professional Learning Communities are in place with clearly defined protocols; weekly structured time to analyze data, plan instruction based on new district pacing guides and curriculum, select appropriate materials, and implement action plans with follow-up.


Educator Ecosystem: Ensure every child has well prepared, well supported, highly effective educators who use culturally and linguistically responsive pedagogy to guide their learning and development.
Pathways and Profiles: Increase students’ successful completion of high school with research-based, relevant, applied, and experiential learning opportunities that support all students to become college -and career- ready and contribute as productive members of their community.
Whole Child Development: Increase students learning and development by supporting schools and classrooms to engage in deeper, enriched academic learning that is integrated with social-emotional learning and that is culturally and linguistically responsive.
Provide equitable access to asset-based support services and learning opportunities that enable all students to thrive in their educational setting regardless of their demographics, family income level, or ability status.

2021-2022 District Goals

  • Ensure continued access to a safe and rigorous learning environment during a pandemic
  • Build and develop a district-wide bilingual program
  • Build and develop a CTE program, create opportunities for internships, and create a capstone project for high school students
  • Increase student capacity in online learning environments, access to technology, and increased access to internet services
  • Increase leadership capacity throughout the district

Critical Deliverables to Enhance District Conditions for LLS

  • Evidence Based Practices
  • High Quality Instructional Materials
  • Rich in Enrichment
  • Applied Learning Opportunities
  • Multilingual
  • Workforce Integration
  • Deeper Learning
  • Excellent Special Education Services
Faculty Compensation Financial Success Capital Projects and Improvements Model District for Facilities Student Nutrition COVID support Substitute pool Improvements to filling FTEs Marketing and social media New Employee support Grow you own programs Development of a Employee Assistance program Rigorous and Complete Curriculum Tier 1 Instruction Leadership Development with Principal and AP Professional Learning Communities CTE Pathways, AP, Dual Credit Bilingual Programs K-12 Digital Learning Academy NM Partnership for the Arts Performance Coaches Educational Technology Accomplishments Child Find/Early Childhood Programs Inclusion Support Coaches Mental Health Teams Innovation Labs SEL ClassroomsAthleticsSRO Program Safety/security programs (anonymous reporting, drills, raptor)Relationships with law enforcement, the municipalities, and county, and the state.Improvements to transportation

2021-2022 Action Plan Highlights

4 Instructional Innovations (Every student, every classroom, every day)

-Rigorous and Complete District Curriculum in ELA, Math, and Science
-Accelerated Tier 1 Instruction in Every Classroom
-Leadership Development: Observation and Feedback
-Routinized Technology and SEL

Rigorous and Complete CurriculumAccelerated Tier 1 Instruction


  • Established a K-12 District Curriculum Team for ELA, Math, and Science
  • Created district wide pacing guides
  • Adoption committee selected top-tier ELA materials for K-8
  • Introduced Discovery Science TechBook
  • District rigor framework
  • Learning targets

Developing Instructional Leadership


  • Established Principal and Assistant Principal Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to practice observing and providing feedback to increase rigorous instruction
  • 100% Principal and Assistant Principal participation in NM Public Education Department’s THRIVE program
  • Individual performance coaching provided to each Principal and Assistant Principal by a trained coach

Learning Innovations


  • K-12 Digital Learning Academy
  • CTE Pathways, AP, Dual Credit
  • Bilingual Programs
  • NM Partnership for the Arts

Educational Technology Requirements


  • District Innovation and Design Lab
  • Elementary school sites Innovation and Design Labs
  • Digital Learning Coaches (Coaching Cycles)
  • Apple Teacher Certifications

Child Find/Early Childhood Programs


  • Procedures and Practices
  • Increase in screenings and referrals
  • Impact of COVID-19
  • Child Find Team

Inclusion Support Coaches


  • All positions filled
  • IEP Weeks
  • Coaching Professional Development
  • Coaches United

Social Emotional Learning


  • District SEL Team
  • Professional Development
  • Visits with students
  • Sensory Room Designs
  • SEL Data

Finance Department Accomplishments

  • Budget Salary Increase
  • Improvements in Audit

Technology Department Accomplishments 2022

  • We continue to support 1-1 Apple devices per student across the district, managed by centralized inventory and fees tracking platform
  • Refreshed 500+ teacher MacBooks
  • Distributed 1,800 new 9th Gen iPads and retired 5th and 6th Gen iPads
  • New Employee Exit Procedure and Corresponding Checklist
  • Consolidated District iPad and MacBook Funds for 2022-2023 and Going Forward
  • Increased opportunities for stable internet access

Maintenance Department Accomplishments 2022

  • We have estimated total of $71,781,245 capital improvements projects currently in progress.
  • The Maintenance Department completed a total of 136,111 work order during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.
  • The warehouse made 1464 deliveries during the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Purchasing Department Accomplishments 2022

  • Maintain compliance with NM Procurement Code
  • Currently managing >$71M of District and PSFA capital improvements
  • Promotes business relationships through vendor training and outreach
  • Processed an additional $7M in purchase orders due to added funding streams in 2021/2022
  • Preserves ethical stewardship of taxpayer interests
  • Supports District goals through research & cost analysis

Student Nutrition Department Accomplishments 2022

  • Increase in participation in secondary schools
  • Led Student Nutrition to try CEP district wide for one more year. Every student will eat free for the year!
  • Continue innovative ways to maintain costs while dealing with food and packaging shortages and increased costs

Improvements To Substitute Services and Staffing

  • Governor’s Office initiative-allowed NMNG to place a total of 9 NG substitutes in our schools. One had such a positive experience while working in our schools, she will be teaching Art via Alternative Pathway.
  • Increased our total number of Contract Substitutes in our district from 10 to 21. Each school site has at least 1 contract substitute on their campus.
  • Our district was able to offer a mid-year pay increase for substitute teachers. We will continue to attract, train and supply our own substitute teachers.
  • We are proud of our combined efforts to successfully attract and recruit quality Certified Teacher candidates from across the United States. We will begin SY 22-23 with new Certified Staff from Maryland, Texas, Colorado, Kansas, New York, Iowa, Mississippi, California, and Indiana. Our Personnel Office continues to represent and be involved at the national level. Los Lunas Schools was able to send 3 representatives to the ASPAA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Summit in April of 2022.

Marketing/Social Media and Grow Your Own Programs

  • Although Los Lunas Schools has established a social media presence, this is an area we would like to expand and update more frequently. Our goals are to showcase upcoming events and celebrating our staff, students, and alumni.
  • We are proud of our relationships with NMSU, UTEP, GCU, ENMU, NMHU, and UNM-Valencia. We have met several times (virtually as well as in-person) throughout this past school year with all of these universities, maintaining our positive rapport and relationships. We have been asked by universities to participate in: Student Teacher Advisory Panels, Teacher Residency Programs, hosting University Courses and Cohorts, as well as attend Teacher Job Fair events.
  • Personnel Office originally polled 96 Educational Assistants and inquired about their interest in becoming a Certified Teacher. 24 not only expressed an interest, but they are actively pursuing an academic pathway towards teacher certification. We are happy and proud to announce that one of these 24 individuals very recently received her NMPED license to teach Special Education and was offered and accepted a teaching position at one of our elementary schools.
  • We have recently partnered with the University of New Mexico in a Teacher residency program and will have 4 teacher residents placed at Los Lunas High School and Katherine Gallegos Elementary. We have also accepted a grant for Educator Fellowships. We will be placing 5 Educator Fellows (studying to be teachers) primarily at East Side elementary schools to obtain on-the-job training as tutors, mentors, and eventually classroom teachers. During our visits to our three high schools, we identified 18 high school students that are interested in eventually becoming educators. We will follow up with these individuals and track their progress towards their goals of working in education. We presented at LLHS to the Educators Rising class. We also invited ENMU representatives to speak to a few students at LLHS about opportunities in the Educators Rising program at the collegiate level.

New Employee Support Employee Assistance Program

  • The Personnel Office has improved efficiency and accuracy when processing employees and providing customer service. We have implemented the use of multiple shared (Google) documents in our office to increase organization and communication between employee processing and employee benefits divisions. As our office has become more familiar with the Tyler iVisions platform (employee information system) we have looked into opportunities to link our candidate application platform to iVisions. We will continue to expand our knowledge and be in a position to propose and adopt alternative platforms, if needed, to reach our goal of reducing the amount of “paper tasks” a newly hired employee needs to complete.
  • The Personnel Department looks forward to working with the Special Services Department in implementing the District Employee Wellness/Assistance Program. Our goal is to continually educate and inform employees of opportunities to improve overall wellness. This could include providing periodic techniques, practices, and resources to outside agencies, if needed.

LLS School-Based COVID-19 Testing (2021-2022 Goals Met)

  • Maintained compliance with NMPED COVID-19 response requirements
  • Implemented a school-based COVID-19 testing program to mitigate virus spread
  • Staggered the implementation of testing to support three populations: T2S close contacts, surveillance staff, and symptomatic students/staff
  • Maximized in-person learning days effectively & safely during the pandemic

Transition from a full service testing provider to an internal school-based testing program:

-2 COVID Testing Health Assistants recruited and hired
-Testing supplies/equipment procured at no cost via NMDOH contacts & Department of Health & Human Services

Next Steps (2022-2023)

  • Schools and departments beginning to create next 90-day plan with their guiding coalitions.
  • School leaders continue to improve as leaders (THRIVE, RISE, ISTE)
  • Classroom improvements of Tier I instruction, Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), high dosage tutoring opportunities
  • Evolution of District Action Plan
    Feedback and input from community and school board (Feeback and input from community & school board)
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