Minutes August 16, 2022 Regular Meeting

Minutes August 16, 2022 Regular Meeting
Posted on 09/21/2022
AUGUST 16, 2022

Ms. Garcia ensured that the Captioner, Computer Tech and Executive Assistant were ready. She ensured that Attorney Jacqueline Archuleta - Staehlin was on the line and could hear and be heard.


Ms. Garcia called the Los Lunas Schools Board of Education meeting to order at 6:00 pm. She welcomed those who were participating in the board meeting in person and those watching the board meeting via livestream on YouTube. Ms. Garcia added that as a reminder the link to the meeting was on the District’s webpage, under the Board of Education page. She added that the streaming would run through the end of the meeting, and, in the event there was a disruption in the audio portion, she would pause the meeting until it was reestablished.

LLS BOE Members Present:
Tina Garcia, President
P. David Vickers, Vice President
Bruce Bennett, Secretary
Bryan C. Smith, Member
Eloy Giron, Member

Administrators Present:
Dr. Arsenio Romero, Superintendent
Brian Baca, Deputy Superintendent
Claire Cieremans, Chief Finance Officer
Susan Chavez, Chief Student Services Officer
Dr. Deborah Elder, Chief Academic Officer
Andrew Saiz, Dir. of Personnel
Karla Dow, Dir. of Assessment Innovations & Accountability
Andy Garcia, Dir. of Maintenance & Construction
Desi Garcia, Dir. of Safety & Security
Mark Garcia, Dir. of Transportation
William Hays, Dir. of Educational Technology
Alicia Himes, Dir. of Professional Learning Innovations
Katherine House, Dr. of Elementary Learning Innovations
Jessica Montaño, Dir. of Secondary Learning Innovations
Jacqueline Kelly-Romero, COVID Admin. of Special Projects
Michelle Romero, Dir. of Purchasing
Natalie Saiz, Dir. of Support Services
Sandy Traczyk, Dir. of Finance
Elena Trodden, Dir. of Language Learning Innovations
Joseph Barela, Supervisor of Custodians
Tiffany Gutierrez, Construction Supervisor
Anthony Silva, Supervisor of Maintenance
Clair Toledo, Principal, Century High / Opportunity Schools
Paul Carder, Principal, Los Lunas High School
Albert Aragon, Principal, Valencia High School
Lawrence Sosa, Principal, Los Lunas Middle School
Joann Carter, Principal, Valencia Middle School
Melissa Contreras, Principal, Ann Parish Elementary
Jeff Hartog, Principal, Katherine Gallegos Elementary
Eric Tiger, Principal, Los Lunas Elementary
Amy Viramontes, Principal, Peralta Elementary
Catharine Campbell, Principal, Raymond Gabaldon Elementary
Venessa Tregembo, Principal, Sundance Elementary
Monica Rivera, Principal, Tomé Elementary
Suzy Chavez, Principal, Valencia Elementary
Edric Chavez, Asst. Principal, Los Lunas Middle School
Michelle Coffin, Asst. Principal, Valencia Middle School
Adam Hulskamp, Asst. Principal, Bosque Farms Elementary
Teri Gough, Asst. Principal, Katherine Gallegos Elementary
Matt Pendrak, Asst. Principal, Los Lunas Elementary
Edward Ramirez, Asst. Principal, Sundance Elementary

Others Present:
Jacqueline Archuleta-Staehlin, Esq., Cuddy McCarthy
(Via Phone)
Makayla Grijalva, Valencia County News Bulletin
Shelley Alsborough, NEA-Los Lunas
Approximately fifteen (15) additional individuals were in attendance.
Approximately forty-five (45) individuals watched via live streaming.


Ms. Garcia asked Dr. Romero to announce the meeting. Dr. Romero reported the meeting had been announced in accordance with the LLS Open Meetings Resolution, and, it was a legally constituted meeting of the Los Lunas Schools Board of Education.


Meadow Storms was asked to lead the pledge.


Ms. Garcia asked Dr. Romero if there were any changes or deletions to the agenda. Dr. Romero stated that any changes to the agenda. Ms. Garcia called for a motion to approve the agenda.

Mr. Vickers moved, and Mr. Bennett seconded, to approve the agenda as presented.

Ms. Garcia asked if there was any discussion before she called for a vote.

Mr. Smith stated that he had discussion – quite a bit as a matter of fact. He said that on the Friday before the Monday before the week before the Board meeting, he had submitted a request to have a public comment, Board Policy # 2.8.8 put on the agenda as a first reading since she decided that the first time they discussed it, it wasn't the first reading. He said he would read again 2.8.5 of their board policy on agenda: Any Board member may, by noon on the Monday of the week before the Board meeting, request that an item be placed on the agenda.

They were informed by Counsel the last time it happened… it was actually the third time that one of his requests hadn't made an agenda. They were informed by Counsel last time, and she (Ms. Staehlin) could clarify it for him, that if it was done in a timely manner and, it had, in her words, specificity, it should be on the agenda. Yet, he got an email from the Board President saying that she wasn't going to put it on the agenda until they had a workshop about it.

Mr. Smith stated that he wanted her (Ms. Staehlin’s) legal opinion … Had he met the requirements to have the item on the agenda? Ms. Staehlin responded that she believed that he met the requirements for placement on the agenda. She said that she would say that it was up the board president if she felt it was better to address it in a different type of meeting, but it should have been at least put on the agenda so the Board could decide whether they wanted to move forward with that discussion in the meeting for a reading of it, but it should have been appeared on the agenda.

Mr. Smith thanked her and said that furthermore, he would like to read into 2.8.5… It is the duty of the Superintendent to have information related to agenda items provided to the board members in advance of the meeting so that the meeting itself can be utilized for discussion and action, rather than reading.

Mr. Smith said that he was reading the Board policies, and in his opinion, they were not adhering to Policy 2.8.5 for the third time. He said he would also read from 2.8.11 parliamentary procedure that the Board desires to use rules for procedure with its meetings which assist in the achievement of the following. Meetings proceed efficiently. The Board acts by the decision of a majority of a quorum of its members, but with equal opportunity for all members to participate fully. Whether in the majority, on a given issue, or not. Part two … , excuse him… part three. Decisions are made on the merits as determined by the considered and deliberate action with the majority of the form of the members present, rather than based on any manipulation of applicable procedural rules.

Mr. Smith stated that the discussion that he had on the agenda was that he didn’t believe they were adhering to either one of those policies, and, in his opinion, since his return to the Board, they had not adhered to those policies three times each. Now, he didn't know why it was being delayed to a work session. He personally was not afraid to lose a vote. He had lost them before.

But he thought it was in the best interest of the public and of the school community to at least allow them to deliberate on it and to vote on it. If they didn't want it, vote no. But at least allow those board members that had concerns to equally participate in a board meeting. He thanked Ms. Staehlin for her ruling there.

Mr. Smith stated with that being said, he would just like to apologize to the staff and the school community for it not being on the agenda, and added that he could only promise them that he would continue to try just fully, ethically, and most importantly, with integrity to try to open those doors. Therefore, he had no other discussion on the agenda.

Ms. Garcia thanked him, and asked if anybody else had a comment.

Mr. Giron responded yeah, and Ms. Garcia told him to go ahead. Mr. Giron told Ms. Garcia that on July 21st he’d sent her an email. He thought it was pretty clear. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t clear, his last sentence said If you have any questions or concerns, get with me at your earliest convenience. He said he’d sent that July 21st. Mr. Giron said he knew their deadline was last Monday. He thought he was going to be out of town this week. He said he’d called Arsenio on Thursday. He’d called him on Friday and he’d called him on Monday morning last week, early in the morning - not early, but probably by 8:00, just to make sure they addressed it.

Mr. Giron said he thought that he was going to be out of town - it was something he’d pulled from the agenda. He looked on the school web site and he got ahold of her, ran that by her. He’d ask if she could pull one of the issues and keep that one there. That was another issue and to keep this on and she said fine. He said he asked was she sure? He said, he meant she (Ms. Garcia) told him she was late for court, she had to go. He said he was okay, he was good with that, everybody had jobs and had to do stuff.

Mr. Giron said he was quite clear that he wanted it as an action item. Not under the Superintendent’s Report. He didn’t need to talk to the superintendent. He didn’t need to talk to the staff. It was an action item that he needed. Mr. Giron said he guessed he could talk more about that issue when they talked about it somewhere else on the agenda where she put it, but that’s not at all what he’d asked for.

Mr. Giron stated that was the third or fourth meeting in a row that he didn't get his items put on the agenda. He didn’t know … He was not …. he didn’t have the words. What did he need to do on his part to make sure that he represented the constituents that asked him to talk about things? How did they get those on the agenda? He didn’t know. Mr. Giron said he didn’t know if they had to be getting the vice president involved in this. He didn’t know. By not being able to discuss this and take action, our students and staff suffered. Mr. Giron said he was lost. Maybe their attorney could figure out something. He didn’t know, but this was something that they needed some housekeeping done really quick.

Ms. Garcia thanked him. She stated that both of those were basically addressed to her, so she would respond quickly. She told Mr. Smith that when it came down to the first reading of the policy, she thought she may have explained it, not only once, but probably twice to him that there was a process involved and they weren’t at the first reading yet. Ms. Garcia stated that she never anticipated that it was going to go away. The thought had always been to address his concerns and look at changing the policy if that was what the Board wanted to do. She had no intention silencing him on that or the community. The point was to go ahead and allow that change and have that discussion. She told Mr. Smith that it was not just his policy - it was the whole Board's policy. Everybody got an opportunity to enter in any updates and/or changes they wanted to make. The community would always have the opportunity, when the time came, to give their input, because that was what a policy change did - it was a procedure. She added that she did not create the procedure. She was not the one who made the procedure. The procedure was in place. She was following it, and that was what she would continue to do as board president.

When it came down to what Mr. Giron asked for, she apologized. Ms. Garcia stated that she might have gotten that wrong. She didn't see Mr. Giron’s request as an action item. She saw it as a discussion item.

When he was asking for, the Superintendent was going to cover it. But if he wanted it as an action item, it would be an action item in the next meeting. Whatever report that Dr. Arsenio Romero gave on that item tonight. It was on the agenda. Under his report.

Ms. Garcia added so they knew, gentlemen, all she could say was, there was a process. She was going to follow it as president of the School Board, and if they needed better communication between themselves to get something done, she would agree with Mr. Giron that they needed to talk about it and be a little bit more open about it. She said she did know that phone calls happened. They tried get in touch with each other and they didn’t always get responses from each other. She said she would also put herself in that category. Ms. Garcia said that she knew she never said she was late for court, because when she had talked to him she wasn’t. The point she was just trying to insinuate was that there was a process and she was going to follow it. Having said that, they had a motion and they had a second.

Mr. Giron interjected and stated that there was a process and she was telling him that his issue could be discussed in the Superintendent Report, by law, how could they take action on that? Could she tell him ? She responded that he couldn’t, it was not an action item. Mr. Giron interjected and said that was all he needed to know and thanked her.

Mr. Smith thanked Ms. Garcia too, and said he agreed with her. There was a process and he agreed with her. That was why he’d asked this time for it to be the first reading, but she had said it wasn’t going to be the second reading and he said he wanted it to be the first reading, and there was a process. It was called 2.8.5 and he’d followed that.

Ms. Garcia responded that she had read it and did too. Ms. Garcia told Mr. Smith that the point was it was just his input. The other Board members hadn’t given their input. Mr. Smith stated that was why he wanted it brought before the board so they could discuss it. Ms. Garcia responded that was why they would have a workshop. Mr. Smith responded - but they couldn’t take action it.

Ms. Garcia thanked them and stated they were going to move on. She said they had a first and a second to approve the agenda, and called for a vote with the following results: Eloy Giron – no; Bruce Bennett – yes; P. David Vickers – yes; Bryan C. Smith – no; and Tina Garcia – yes. The motion to approve the agenda was passed: 3/2.


Ms. Garcia stated that the board members had all had the opportunity to look at the consent items. They had the document in front of them. It looked like there was an item that was up for discussion, and she would ask for someone to give her a motion with that in mind.

Mr. Vickers moved, and Mr. Bennett seconded to approve the all of the action items listed by consent with the following exception: Item #10. A. i. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held August 9, 2022) Approval of Reports for July 2022 - Schedule of Checks Written. Ms. Garcia repeated the motion and second and called for discussion. There being no discussion, Ms. Garcia called for a vote regarding the consent items with the following results: Eloy Giron – yes; Bruce Bennett – yes; P. David Vickers – yes; Bryan C. Smith … Mr. Smith stated that they’d had no definitive answer on what the items were coming before them - whether they voted for them or not, so he would vote no; and Tina Garcia – yes. Motion regarding the consent items passed: 4/1.

Ms. Garcia stated, that for the benefit of the audience, as all item agendas had been reviewed by the board members individually. Consent items were the action items on the agenda presented by the Superintendent and the staff for approval. If no discussion had been asked regarding those items by any of the board members, action of those items would be submitted for approval by one motion or vote.


A. July 19, 2022 Closed Executive Session (Approved by Consent)
B. July 19, 2022 Regular Board Meeting (Approved by Consent)
C. July 27, 2022 Closed Executive Session (Approved by Consent)


A. Recognition: Meadow Storms, VHS State Javelin Champion

Mr. Holland stated it was his pleasure to stand up there and celebrate what our student athletes had done. It was so hard to win a state championship, and one of those champions was with them that evening. Meadow Storms from Valencia High School, was the NMAA Class 4A State Javelin Champion. Her winning throw was 117 ft., which was 10 feet longer than the second place finish.

The members of the Board and Dr. Romero individually commended Ms. Storm on her accomplishment, and then presented her with a certificate.

B. Spring Athletics Report: Wilson Holland, Director of Athletics

Mr. Holland said that he appreciated them giving him the opportunity to recognize our student athletes. He added that our student athletes could not be successful without the support of our community, and of their administrative staff. They were very appreciative of the board members, Dr. Romero and the cabinet.

Mr. Holland then gave a PowerPoint presentation. During the presentation, Mr. Holland discussed, in extensive detail, the accomplishments of the spring sports’ student athletes - both in the classroom and through their sports. Individual statistics given per sport were as follows:

Valencia Middle School

Sport Participants Season Record GPA
Baseball 14 7-9 3.1
Softball 15 7-7 3.5
Boys Track 25 3.0
Girls Track 26 3.3

Los Lunas Middle School

Sport Participants Season Record GPA
Baseball 14 11-4 3.0
Softball 12 11-1 3.5
Boys Track 34 3.1
Girls Track 24 3.2

Valencia High School Boys Tennis
Matthew Castillo – Head Coach
Xavier Castillo – District Champ

Regular Season District State GPA
14 - 5 6- 1 (2nd ) Quarter Finals 3.8

Valencia High School Girls Tennis
Matthew Castillo – Head Coach

Regular Season District State GPA

2-17 1- 7 DNQ 3.8

Los Lunas High School Boys Tennis
Mike Velasquez – Head Coach

Regular Season District State GPA

3-9 3-2 (3rd) DNQ 3.8

Los Lunas High School Girls Tennis
Mike Velasquez – Head Coach

Regular Season District State GPA

8-4 2-3 DNQ 3.8

Valencia High School Boys Golf
Pat Valerio – Head Coach

District 3rd GPA 3.9

Los Lunas School Golf
Rob Sexsmith – Head Coach

Boys District Runner Up
Rob Sexsmith, Jr. Individual District Champion
GPA 3.9

Los Lunas High School Baseball
Paul Cieremans – Head Coach

Season District State Tournament GPA

Varsity 8-2 1st Round 3.0
18-11 2nd

JV 5-2-1


Valencia High School Baseball
Carlos Ramirez – Head Coach

Season District State Tournament GPA

Varsity 2-5 DNQ 3.1
18-11 2nd

6 -13

Los Lunas High School Softball
Pat Ortiz – Head Coach

Season District State Tournament GPA

Varsity 5-5 DNQ 2.0

JV 6 - 0
9- 4

Valencia High School Softball
Kayla Young– Head Coach

Season District State Tournament GPA

Varsity 4 -4 DNQ 3.4
7 -17

4 - 11

Valencia High School Track
Blossom Heneghan– Head Coach

District 5-5A State Championship GPA

Boys Boys 21st 3.6 Girls Girls DNP

Los Lunas High School Track
Rodney Leal– Head Coach

District 5-5A State Championship GPA

Boys 1st Boys 15th 3.0 Girls 1st Girls DNP

2021 – 2022
Athletes of the Year

Los Lunas High School
Female Athlete of the Year: Kyleigh Fleshman
Male Athlete of the Year: Eric Aragon

Valencia High School
Female Athlete of the Year: Lauren Barela
Male Athlete of the Year: Jonathan Croker

2022 Spring Sports
Student Athlete GPA
Los Lunas Middle School 3.2
Valencia Middle School 3.2
Los Lunas High School 3.0
Valencia High School 3.5

State Champion
Meadow Storms
Girls Javelin Throw Class 4A

A brief discussion ensued during which Mr. Holland, his staff, the coaches, and student athletes were commended on their success in both the classroom and in there events. Mr. Giron asked about the number of student athletes, at each of the middle and high schools. Mr. Holland stated that he didn’t have that with him, but had sent it to the Superintendent and Karen earlier that day. He added that they’d also sent that information to the New Mexico Activities Association yearly. Mr. Giron stated it was okay if he didn’t have it right then, he was just curious. Dr. Romero stated that he would get that information to the board members.

The board members and Dr. Romero individually commended Mr. Holland on his report, in particular, that he had emphasized the students’ success in the classrooms. Further commendations were given to the coaches and staff for their support, and to the student athletes for their success, both in and out of the classroom.

Mr. Holland thanked them, and reiterated that the reason the students were successful K-12 was because they had such great teachers, and added that he appreciated all they did for our students athletes.

C. Construction Update: Tiffany Gutierrez, Supervisor of Construction Management

Tiffany gave a PowerPoint Presentation during which she elaborated on the following areas:

• VHS Stadium Improvements - showed pictures of progress in just a couple weeks. It was noted they had worked two days late to ensure it was done before the first home game

• LLMS Renovation Progress landscaping bathrooms fresh flooring
• VMS Gymnasium elementary floor to competitive one
• VE Entrance Road appreciative nicely paved road
• LLE Vestibule

She then recognized the following individuals and groups:

• Patricia Medina-Marquez, Solomon Luna, T.R.C and Eastside Transportation, 23 years, enjoys working with all her coworkers, and Martin Jaramillo, Special Services, 24 years, enjoys working on the grounds.

DVE Cafeteria Team
• The crew at Desert View Elementary always go above and beyond for the students at their school. They use their extra fruits to make muffins and breads for their students from scratch. All of their food is beautiful and tastes great. Every staff member in the kitchen has a friendly smile for the students. Elaine, Angela, Maria, and Maricela make DVE a great place to eat!

Discussion ensued during which the board members expressed that they were excited and grateful for all the extra hours and effort that had been done to ensure that the VHS Football Field would be ready in time for their first home football game of the season. Dr. Romero added that LLHS would be in Belen, taking on the Valencia county rivals, Belen.

Discussion ensued regarding the various aspects of the presentation, including the support and dedication of all the employees and contractors who were all working diligently to ensure the students had a great school environment, and that their efforts contributed to making a positive experience for the kids

D. Review of School Funding Formula

Dr. Romero stated that the last thing that he had was a report that was a review on school funding formulas. He asked Chief Finance Officer, Claire Cieremans, to give them a refresher on how it worked.

Ms. Cieremans stated that it was her pleasure to talk to them about the funding formula. She noted that she was going to briefly reference two documents that were also available for reviewing. The first one was by the Public Education Department (PED) titled How New Mexico Students Are Funded. It was last updated in 2016, so it was a little bit dated. It still drove a lot of that meaning behind the funding formula.

The second document was a document from the Legislative Education Study Committee (LESC) and it was also an overview of how the public school funding formula was derived.

Ms. Cieremans gave a brief history and a little bit of information regarding it and then said she’d go to the budget formula that they talked about every year. So in 1974, the legislation adopted the Public School Finance Act. That created the state equalization guarantee. The funding formula was designed to objectively distribute state resources to school districts and charters. The funding formula gave funding to each school district and charter based on their student population and unique circumstance in the school district or charter school. The formula was designed to distribute operational funds to schools, subjectively, and in a while providing for local school district autonomy. Formula dollars that they saw by local school districts were earmarked for specific programs within the statutory and regulatory guidelines. School districts had latitude to spend their dollars according to local policies every year, and our District had annual budget meetings. They had several meetings throughout the course of the budget. They talked about this a lot.

The third document was our 19 B 5. During the budget process, they had talked about this in great detail. Once it got approved, it became the document that they utilized throughout the year. It counted all of our students. She said that earlier, they had talked specifically about was the amount they were funded from was out students. The number of students was then divided by grade level . Once they were divided by grade level, then then they’d go to the funding.

Ms. Cieremans stated that they talked about special units, bilingual units, and the teacher cost index. There were a lot of areas that went into the funding formula. At the bottom of the document, they could see that after the students were transformed into units and program units, that would give them the budget for the year. She pointed that the highlighted purple area on the bottom, $84 million, and noted that was the operational budget for the Los Lunas Schools for the 2022-23 school year.

In response to Mr. Giron’s question, Ms. Cieremans reiterated that the number was 84 million.

LLS Average Enrollment
SCHOOL SITE 8011 20-Day
CHS 114.50
0S 221.00
PE 223.50
TE 319.50
VE 342.50
RGE 346.00
APE 370.50
LLE 371.50
DVE 372.00
BFE 454.00
VMS 486.50
SDE 491.00
KGE 592.50
LLMS 791.50
VHS 898.50
LLHS 1568.50
7963.50 Total

NMPED How NM Schools are Funded

Los Lunas FY23 910-B-$ 086-000

Ms. Cieremans then discussed more about the budget itself. The majority of our budget, 85% to 95%, was spent on salaries and benefits. The remainder of what was left, was how they funded everything else that was needed to support our school district. For instance, that was where utilities where played, that was where property liability taxes were paid ... gas, telephone … everything else that they needed to run the school district.

Ms. Cieremans noted that after they had established the budget and it had been approved, the last document she would talk about specifically 80th and one 20th day average enrollment for all of our school sites. That was how the District was funded and our current year funds for next year. Those numbers were from the previous year 2021-22. Those were the numbers that were used to fund the 2022-23 budget. The schools were divided out by the number of students that were currently present on their 80/120 day period and that determined the individual site supply budgets and allocations that they gave out for discretionary funds to the school sites. After that, it was decided at the school site level if those funds went to the different grade levels, departments, and how that was distributed to the classrooms for spending.

Ms. Cieremans stated that was a very quick overview of the funding formula and how it was arrived, and they were funded at the local level, then how it the information was put into our operational budget, and how the operational budget was divided out to the school sites following the number of students enrolled.

Ms. Garcia thanked Ms. Cieremans and asked Dr. Romero if he wanted to add anything?

Dr. Romero added his thanks to Ms. Cieremans and her team, and told her how proud he was of all the work they had done. He added that they had more teachers than they’d ever had. They had fewer openings than ever before. They had a very strong staff for the school year. Dr. Romero stated that he wanted to thank all of the teachers and the principals. He wanted to thank them for all of the work they have done, and how they were adding to the success of the year.

Ms. Vickers led discussion regarding how the District dealt with gas prices; specifically, did they lock in a set contract price or did they just purchase it as a market? Michelle Romero, the Director of Purchasing, explained that they did have contract for their fuel prices, and they were based off that contract. She explained that the challenge of that was they would have state pricing, and just like everything else, that was locked-in also. When there was dramatic rise, it would need to be discussed during the budget process.

Ms. Garcia called for any other questions regarding the report. There being none, Dr. Romero stated that concluded his report. Ms. Garcia thanked him for his report.

Mr. Giron interjected and told Ms. Garcia that she’d told him that his request would be addressed under the Superintendent's Report. He said he was going back to his email to her. He said he would read it. I'm requesting this be put on our next agenda. A breakdown in funding regarding Valencia Middle and High Athletic Programs, and the Los Lunas High School… and the Middle School programs.

He said he’d said if she had any questions … that was what he was asking be put on the agenda for the reason he was asking for it, that was why he was pushing for this. He’d had a lot of parents, a lot of constituents had brought concerns to him regarding the athletic programs.

Mr. Giron stated it was kind of funny but he took a step back and he said no, to myself, he said they were not just focused on athletics. He got to see the email yesterday, and he’d gotten a bunch of invitations for a bunch of athletic programs. A lot of athletic events but he thought that was important. He got to play athletics in high school. It was important for him. He probably wouldn't have gone to school if it wasn't for athletics. And as he looked around at his friends in athletics, they probably would have done the same thing. They probably wouldn't have gone to school. But now as he looked back at them, they were judges, they were attorneys, they were his insurance agents. They work at the grocery store. Everybody. He meant, they turned out okay. That was how important it was to look at athletics.

So some of the concerns, the reason he’d had that as an action item, was so they could give direction. He didn't need to ask Ms. Claire Cieremans or Dr. Romero. The concerns that were brought to him were they had wrestling teams without uniforms. They had football players without equipment.

Mr. Giron stated that one parent sent him a picture . She didn't send it to him, she showed it to him … of the sled they had. You couldn't even see the pads on there. That was his question. Mr. Wilson said they were a public school. They were a public program. What they were saying was, as a Board, and shame on them, if you wanted to have your student compete … for your child to compete here, you’d better have money. They had to buy their own equipment and bring their own stuff. Where did they get off as a world, as a public school saying the only way you compete and play is if you had money?

That's why he’d asked for this to be an action item. They could give, that was their job, the budget. He told Dr. Romero they were clear on that, right? They needed to do something. They needed to act. Because he was there last month and he was told how ready they were.

Okay, they were ready to start school. They were ready to roll. He’d heard it from a board member. They were ready to go! And then he got these pictures. He got those parents that had to buy the equipment for their student to play? Shame on them.

Mr. Giron said he didn't … he was at a loss for words. What were they going to do? Wait another 30 days? He said he really liked Wilson's presentation. He told them …. did they see those GPAs of those students? That was important. They were going to be the next board members or they were going to be the next judges, superintendents, and insurance agents.

Mr. Giron said he was lost. They needed, as a Board … they needed to do something. They could not give direction right now. They couldn’t go out and do something like that. He was lost. He said he meant. He knew they were not ready for these fall sports. He added that he got to see pictures, he got to see things. He just hoped that they were ready for the winter sports and the spring sports.

Mr. Giron said he wasn't part of this last budget. But they needed to make some budget adjustments really quick.

Mr. Holland injected and said he would like to address his comments.

Mr. Giron responded and said hold on, hold on …. . He said … Mr. Wilson, I would love to speak with you. But this was for the Board right now. This issue right then was just for the Board. It was not for Dr. Romero. They (the Board) was in charge of the budget. They would make sure they got the budget adjustments when the recommendations came to them This was not an attack on any of the staff or anything like that. No, it was not.

Ms. Garcia told Dr. Romero and Mr. Holland, she would give them a minute as well. She said she just wanted to also …. Mr. Giron injected and said he was not done yet.

Ms. Garcia stated that she wanted to discuss his (Mr. Giron’s) email, first. He had said discussion. She had assumed that with Claire Cieremans covering those under this item, they would have these discussions and the questions could be asked of Mr. Holland and could be asked to Dr. Romero.

Ms. Garcia told him Mr. Giron if he wanted an action item, then she thought his email had to say he was asking for an action item on an agenda. His email did not say that. She said she was looking at his email right then and did not see anywhere where it said discussion. She asked him what was the first sentence that he’d sent to her? I am requesting this to be put on our next agenda. He hadn’t indicated it was an action item.

Mr. Giron responded that Okay. So those items were on our agenda so they can be … He did not request this be put on the Superintendent Report. Okay, and she didn't tell him that. He’d also … his last sentence also said, if you have any questions or concerns. When you got confused, call me. Don't call me after the deadline. It doesn't matter. He said he meant, they could split hairs as much and however they wanted. You know what? Who’s suffering? Those students. Those parents that have … some of those parents can't afford to purchase a three hundred dollar helmet. They can’t afford to buy those things, okay? That was who was hurting.

Mr. Giron said they could hammer him all they wanted and they could be difficult and she could pull everything she wanted from his agenda, He didn’t care. But the part he cared about, was they were representing these students. That was … that bugged the heck out of him. They could put it out to a vote. It would probably lose 3-2.

Mr. Giron, added, but you know what? He wanted to have no regrets, he could be able to look at those people in the eye and say he did what he could do. He did all he could do. Okay. But that wasn't working, what was happening right now. Our students, our staff, and our communities were hurting. He said he meant that she could censor him, and do it. She could censor him as much as she wanted, he didn’t really didn't care. He was going to keep bringing things up. But the people that were hurting, is this community were these students. That was how important it was to them.

Mr. Bennett asked if he might say something? Ms. Garcia told him to please do. He said he’d voted on the budget and it seemed pretty good to him. He added that it was pretty widespread out. Everybody was concerned about monies now. He never knew that a student had to purchase their own helmet, as long as he had worked in the district. He was sure that was budgeted through the athletic department. He was sure Wilson would explain it. He told Mr. Giron there was money, coaches every year put in a list of things they needed. If that coach didn't put something in, then they didn't get it. It was that simple. So it might be saying that the kids weren't getting it, maybe that coach didn't put it in. Maybe that coach was no longer with us. He knew the budget had the money for that, to be provided for them, and he’d voted for that legit.

Mr. Giron responded Okay. They still had students without equipment. So the budget that was approved, was a budget and for that he guessed they needed to find out. He agreed. If they didn't have it, they needed to take care of it. Period. He thanked them.

Ms. Garcia asked if anyone else had something? Mr. Vickers stated they were only hearing half the story, and would like the administration to answer that.

Ms. Garcia thanked Mr. Vickers. She added that it was on the agenda under the Superintendent’s Report, and she believed that they were within reason to hear from Dr. Romero then, as well as, Mr. Holland.

Dr. Romero stated that he was trying to make sure that he was encompassing some of the concerns he was hearing there. He added that he first wanted to say that no matter what school they went to, whether there were at Los Lunas High School or Valencia High School, Los Lunas Middle School, or Valencia Middle School, the students were one and the same. Whether they were going through middle school or high school, it was the same. That was really kind of the point to their presentation tonight on funding. There was a set process on how students came in classrooms, teachers, and athletics.

Dr. Romero stated that when he looked at the programs, and he believed what they were talking about was programs within Valencia Middle School and Valencia High School. The programs were one, developing. They're also improving and increasing, and to his knowledge, they had been able to provide all of the equipment that they needed based on information from the coaches. There were some issues out there that he was aware of.

Dr. Romero stated that they still had some equipment to order. They still had some equipment on back order. That was not only an issue with Valencia Middle School and Valencia High School. That was issue for the other high schools, it was an issue with the secondary schools across the state of New Mexico.

He said it was the first time that he’d heard some of these concerns from the board members. He added that he would like to ask Mr. Holland to discuss them, because he knew that he had the latest information on what some of those numbers were.

Dr. Romero stated that he was concerned about the comments that they required students to pay to play. That was not, in his mind, at all the case. He added that there may be some requests or requirements that booster clubs tried to enforce, but that was not something that the district was enforcing. And so, to his knowledge, everything had been ordered and either they had received it, or it was on order to come in. Those had been requested by the coaches.

He knew there were some issues and those issues were being worked on like anything else. He was I'm thinking about for the secondary schools. They had some equipment on back order at Los Lunas Middle School, just as they did at Valencia Middle School. If he had some more specifics, he would get those answers. Dr. Romero said he thought he’d mentioned the sled. They did have a sled for Valencia Middle School. He assumed that was what he was talking about? He then asked Mr. Holland, if he wanted to come up and he could correct him on anything that he had said incorrectly.

Mr. Holland thanked them for allowing him to address them. He said he was correct about the shortage of helmets. Sean had done a great job as the Valencia Middle School Coach. They had 30 kids last year. This year, he had gotten that number up to 50. Unfortunately, throughout this state, and he noted that they knew that this summer, it was just not a Los Lunas problem, it was all over the state. There were no helmets. As a matter fact, Sean and he’d been texting. They were going to have to see if they could purchase some helmets from YAFL. The coach had asked him if kids could wear their own that they had from last year?

Mr. Holland stated that they had gotten and remarked on an addendum from NMAA that they had gotten from Las Cruces Public Schools and for the Albuquerque Public Schools that allowed kids to wear their own helmets if they met certain criteria so we would not be liable for any injuries. Mr. Holland added that he had been on the Internet and had called a lot of people.

Mr. Holland that both of our schools, they were short helmets and they were trying to find helmets. They had Los Lunas Middle School and Valencia Middle School working together in tracing helmets and were getting some helmets from the high schools.

Mr. Holland stated that the next day they were going to go down to YAFL. They had some brand-new helmets that they wanted to sell us. They just have to become a vendor first, and he had to get with Claire. They were going to get helmets on those kids, and he was very happy the numbers had increased. He too, was very disappointed, but again, there was a shortage of helmets throughout the United States. He noted that in El Paso, they were sharing helmets so on Friday nights, they were going to see some teams playing each other and they're going to have some of the same helmets on because there were no helmets.

Mr. Holland said there was an issue with the sled, Mr. Giron was 100% correct. He’d also seen a picture of that. The current coach used it a lot more than our previous coach. As soon as he had showed it to him, he’d gotten with our staff and it was on order.

Mr. Holland stated, that on virtually, like everything else in the United States, things were slow. If he would have known in May, they would have had that thing coming in now. If a coach called him and asked him for something, and they had the money for it, they were going to get it. They were correct, they all wanted our kids to have what they needed to make sure they could be successful - just like in the classroom, if they needed a book or an iPad. He told Mr. Giron that he and Mr. Holland had both played sports but on the field, and if the athletes needed a helmet, he was going to bust his butt to make sure they have it.

Mr. Giron thanked Mr. Holland and said he had two things. He then looked for Ms. Carter and said he thought he saw her but she must be hiding. He said he wanted to thank her for changing that culture and the numbers were up. A brief discussion ensued during which the number of players out was verified.

Mr. Giron said they had to proud of that culture that they were changing over there. Those guys had changed that and the numbers were up. He asked if they knew how refreshing was that to hear? 70 kids on the field. That one hit him right in the jaw was when they said they didn't have enough equipment and they were going to have cuts in football. He said he was like, what were they talking about? This is New Mexico. They barely have enough to field the team. He said he meant maybe he was moving that number up a little bit. But that was what hit him.

Mr. Holland confirmed the number was 59. It had almost double and they were happy were that. They were going to go out and get those helmets. The did scrape, Gardenswartz had like 12 helmets left in their storeroom. That was all they had, and they got them. Everybody at the middle school needed small and/or extra small helmets. They were going to the YAFL headquarters tomorrow. The coach said he needed seven helmets. They were going to get those seven helmets tomorrow.

Mr. Holland added that if a kid wanted to use their helmet and it met the criteria, they would also allow that too, as long as they provided proof that it met the criteria. He said he was okay with that if parent wanted to and could afford to buy that helmet. Mr. Holland stated that they were a public school and his message was we shouldn't have to have money. He agreed. He knew about that - he had seven brothers and three sisters. His mom wasn’t buying anything.

Mr. Giron asked if he could ask a question real quick? He didn’t even know, from what he was hearing, it wasn’t that he didn’t have the budget. It was that they didn’t have the products available? It was a supply issue. All over the United States. Did he feel his budget was okay?

That was what happened for the budget came out. Mr. Holland said say Los Lunas football, say they had 155 kids right now. Their supply budget was $6000. Valencia has 70 kids out - their supply budget was $6000 - everybody got the same amount.

He added that when they spent that $6000 and then, if they needed something, this lady (Ms. Cieremans) found it. They’d spent close to $100,000 this year and all of our sports, got the large ticket items that they usually wouldn't get with their supply money.

Mr. Holland asked the board members to please, if they heard from their constituents and they said they didn’t have something, maybe just tell them Mr. Holland - that happened that they’d heard it from a parent. Once they knew of an issue, he could guarantee that they were going to take care of it.

Ms. Garcia asked for clarification that within finance, they would bring any budget line item transfers and if, the sports department needed something with the school needed something, the coach needed something, she would imagine that would got to finance, correct? She hadn't noticed any line item adjustments so that was why she was assuming they had been able to stay within budget.

Mr. Giron interjected that some hadn’t addressed everything yet. Mr. Holland said that was correct, but they had $1 million in the pot. Mr. Giron asked so if they came to them, everybody was going to be receptive on that? Mr. Holland replied Absolutely. Yes - in order for everybody to be successful. Mr. Giron stated that was all he needed to hear.

Mr. Giron said he had one more. How did they figure out how they recognized student athletes and their achievements before the Board? He got a call, or thought it was one of the people at Albertson's on Saturday, he thought. They wanted to know why the Board hadn’t recognized the state championship band from Valencia High School. He thought Wilson was spot on when he’d said it earlier. They’d recognized the javelin thrower.

He said how hard was it, people would know how hard it was. Had they recognized the state champions from band? He’d looked back over the agendas but it might have been when he was gone. Mr. Holland responded that he was in charge of athletics not activities, so that would need to be asked of the principal.

Mr. Giron stated that he was going to say what about academics and lab equipment and computers? All of those other things with the academics. They needed to make sure that that was properly funded, and the equipment was available, so our kids were as competitive as possible in the state. He thought they should see if they could find more ways to do that … they should do that.

Mr. Bennett stated that he had voted on the budget and the issues he (Mr. Giron) talked about seemed to be pretty widespread. They had a budget and the athletic department asked coaches to put in a list but supply issues seemed widespread.

Mr. Vickers added that if board members had concerns brought to them they should give those concerns to Superintendent. The administration would be the ones to answers those concerns. As for requests, they needed to make sure those went to Dr. Romero and Mr. Holland and he was sure if it was within reason, they would be able to accommodate them.

Ms. Garcia stated that the Superintendent was done with his report, and confirmed there was no further discussion on those items. She announced that all of the items that were discussed by Dr. Romero were for informational purposes only.

Mr. Bennett reiterated that he had approved the budget and he didn’t remember the specifics as related to athletics specifically, but as Mr. Holland had discussed if they had concerns or needs they should take it to them to address.

Ms. Garcia stated that the items that had been discussed by Dr. Romero was for informational purposed only; no action was needed or warranted. She said the next items were from Mr. Smith and said she didn’t know if he wanted to go ABC or how he wanted to approach it.

8. DISCUSSION ITEMS: Requested by Board Member Bryan C. Smith

A. Board/Attorney Communications

Mr. Smith stated he would start with A. He said he just wanted some clarification. He felt that they needed to work on communication as a Board, with their superintendent and administration, and they needed to work on their communications with their attorney. When they started working on those relationships, as a whole, they were going to be a better governing body. For our school community, he thought that it was going to bring about more transparency and bring about more understanding and that it was very important that they understand where everybody was coming from instead of coming into the boardroom and assuming that they knew. So he was going to start with A. He put this for the attorney communications. He then ensured the attorney could hear him.

Mr. Smith stated that he was going to put a very fine point on it because he didn't know how to ask it but he wanted to know why she was there that night. She was at the very first meeting they (he and Mr. Giron) asked the question was asked if they were going to have legal representation at every Board meeting and they were told no.

He told Ms. Staehlin, she had been there for every meeting. Was that correct? She responded said she believed so. He said So … As a Board member, there were five of them. Did any one have 21%? Or was it 20%? She responded if that was a question, There was no percentage, they were a whole. He responded exactly, but if they voted and five of them voted, technically, mathematically, they would have 20% of the vote. 20%. She said well, if they were going to divide by percentages, that was correct. He said then nobody had more power than anybody else?

Ms. Staehlin, stated that for purposes of decisions that required the oversight of the Board, they had selected officers. They didn't have any additional authority to make decisions on behalf of the Board as a whole. Meaning that they couldn’t make a decision without the Board's full approval or a majority of their approval. But they did have the authority to help manage the meeting. Clarification was asked and given that they officers did have some responsibilities. He asked her if she represented any board member more than she represented another?

She said that she represented the Board, not individual board members. Correct. Mr. Smith stated that he guessed that what he was leading up to, in terms of an issue where it involved staff and Board, she was 100% required to represent the Board, was that correct? Ms. Staehlin responded that she was hired by the Board of Education.

He said back to his original statement about that, and she had been there for every Board meeting, so could he ask why? She said she had been asked. He said the reason he’d asked the question was because he was a steward of the public funds, and he would like to be in the know as to why they were paying an attorney to be at every one of their board meetings and he wasn’t and he didn’t like it. He was not saying he recommended that it didn’t happen. He was just asking why it was.

Ms. Staehlin stated that she had been asked to participate because they had a new board configuration and to be there if some issues that rose. She didn’t anticipate that would be a permanent situation. She had been asked to assist in providing legal responses to any queries that arose because of the new board. Some of them had served on the board prior to this. Some of them had not. She was there to ensure that the meeting ran smoothly.

Mr. Smith said he just wanted to be able to answer that question when it was brought up to him. So other than for participating in our Board meetings and providing legal advice then, do she communicate regularly with members in between meetings? She said she did not.

Mr. Smith stated that according to their policy on access to legal counsel, only the Superintendent or his representative and the President, from what he gathered from the policy, were the ones authorized to contact her, and the Board president could contact her directly, was that correct? He asked if it was correct unless two board members wanted the same issue discussed? She said she believed that was correct. He responded that was what it said but he was just clarifying some issues that he wanted to make sure they were on the same page with.

Mr. Smith said he also wanted to point out that should any board member had communications with the school attorney, or yourself, as a matter of fact, they were required to report back to the Board as a whole the topic and discussion that was had. Was that correct? Confirmation was given. So the board members should report that and the Superintendent should report that. He believed our board policy said that the superintendent was actually responsible for providing that information to the Board. He asked if that sounded right? She said she believed that was correct. Mr. Smith stated that he didn’t have any more discussion on Item 8A.

Ms. Staehlin stated that she just wanted to clarify a few of those things. She wanted to say to the board members that she had not had conversations with the other board members or other people that was board-related, and which fell within the open meeting act. If there was a concern with the communications with that information being shared by the Board , as a member of the legal profession, to share all of her information with them and she had done that. If there were any challenges to that, that came up to let her know.

Mr. Smith said there were no challenges. Like he’d said, he was just clarifying some things.
So they as a board knew that was part of the communications thing he was talking about. He didn’t have any more on 8A, unless any other Board member did?

Mr. Giron said they’d stated that the only questions proposed were about rules and procedures. … Questions to her. He asked if they had a list of those? That was the first he’d heard of that. Ms. Staehlin that, no she didn’t have a list of those questions. But if he would like to look at Roberts Rules of Order, they were available online. She did not have a list of the items. He asked if they had a list of our breakdown of which Board members were on these questions? She responded that she believed there had only been one call early on and the question was specifically about when they had a new board member, and what they did if someone raised a question that was not on the agenda.

Mr. Smith reiterated that again, that was just for communications purposes. He didn't mean to insinuate anything, and for her to please not take it that way.

B. Board/Administration Communications and Responsibilities

Mr. Smith said he would move to Item 8B which was Board and administration communications and responsibilities. He said he felt one of the duties of the superintendent was to work with members on an equal basis and not show undue preference to individual members of the Board and to strictly enforce the policy set forth in the Board policies and operate within the established procedures. He was not saying that this was not happening. He was saying that he wanted it to happen for all of them if they were aware of anything that affected this district - in any way, shape, or form. That was what he was talking about the Board and administration communications. He knew that that items like requesting to speak on public comment got turned into Ms. Garcia and the superintendent.

He didn’t know what the criteria was for determining whether it was appropriate or not. He only know what board policy said . If they turned it in on time and it was not inappropriate, that it could be an agenda item and they could discuss it but he did know that. What he was asking was, what was the criteria for saying something was not appropriate to discuss in the board meeting? If it dealt with a particular student or personnel or issues or a specific staff member, he personally did not want anybody coming in here and busting staff or students. But, again, what was the criteria for saying it was not Board meeting was open to public comment worthy?

Dr. Romero stated for public comments in a meeting, was first if it was listed on the agenda, was the easiest, simplest answer. Mr. Smith said that it also was stated in our policy for public comment that if somebody wished to have something added to the agenda and they submitted it in time, they could have an item added to the agenda and then have public comment on that. That was in the policy. Mr. Smith, said again, that part was brought to his attention that night by Mr. Talley. His request of the Board was to be on the agenda. His understanding was that he, as the public, could comment on things that were on the agenda.

Ms. Garcia stated that it wasn't that he couldn’t ask for an item on the agenda. Having said that, public comment was going to be a policy issue that they were going to discuss and that was why it wasn't part of the agenda because they were going to go into a policy discussion in a workshop.

And as she had said, they were going to have plenty of opportunity for the public to come n and address this Board when they had a first reading before making the policy change. Mr. Smith that if he was mistaken, that Mr. Talley could've asked it to be on the agenda, then he was mistaken. However, that item wouldn't have been placed on the agenda anyway because of the topic because they were going to discuss it in a workshop.

Mr. Smith stated that he wanted to be perfectly clear. He was not talking about Mr. Talley. What had happened that night, seemed convenient to use that as an example. It may seem convenient, but he could say with all honesty, he had nothing to do with Mr. Talley being there, and if she assumed that, then that was incorrect. That was not why he was here. But she brought it up, they’d take the public comment off of our agenda. He just wanted to know why they did that? They basically told the public in our Board policy comments they could submit this ten days before and if we choose to put it on the agenda, you can come talk about it. They didn’t even have that on the agenda, so basically said they were not going to hear from them. He was curious why it was not on the agenda anymore? It used to be.

Ms. Garcia said she would have to research that, because she didn't have an answer for him. He responded that was fair enough - he just wanted to know why it was not on there anymore.

Mr. Smith moved on to board member to board member communications. He knew there was a lot of information. He been a Board President before. A Superintendent and Board President communicated and he was not saying it was or was not passed on to the rest of the Board, but he thought it should be. He thought they should be an open communication governing body where everybody was on the same page and nobody felt like information was not shared across the Board and that the exact information was being shared across the Board. He thought they would be more efficient when they got to that level of trust and when they got to that level of communications. He didn’t feel that they were there, and he wanted to be there.

Ms. Garcia told Mr. Smith she appreciated his comments and he was correct. The problem with that was they’d had would be rolling quorum. If there was a discussion that was set between herself and Dr. Romero, and if it turned out that there was information that needed to be shared with everybody, whether it came from the attorney or whether it came from administration or cabinet, Dr. Romero sent it to all five of them for that reason. So any information or questions that came from the community or questions that come from any particular Board Member were responded to all of them for that reason. She believed that was how been done in the last year as long she’d been doing it, but she didn’t know if that’s how it had always been done. She believed that had worked.

Ms. Garcia said she did want to address Board to Board communications. It was an extremely awkward topic, but she wanted to address the elephant in the room. It was a hard Board to have adjusted to based off of where it came from. She too wanted to get past that. She said that she told them when they entered the vote and she came in as president that it was awkward. She didn’t want any hostility. She didn’t want any anger. She didn’t want any of them to be worried about being backstabbed or talked about or whatever the correct words were. They were the Board and they were only going to be effective if they worked together. She was not trying to silence any Board Member here. She said she needed to make that clear and she wanted to state that in a meeting.

Ms. Garcia said she would follow the procedure because she was the president and she would do what she had to do because that was her role as president. But all Board members had a voice in this room and she didn’t care if it was a 3-2 vote, if it is a 4-1 vote, or if it was a 5-0 vote, whatever it was. That was what’d she’d do. They were in charge of budget, policy, and that gentleman right there. As long as he was reporting to them and they had the reports that they needed and they heard from administration and if administration or the public was having a problem with our Superintendent, he would report it to them for that was the process they tried to follow.

Ms. Garcia said she thought this Board had done, and prior boards but she was not talking about the Board she came from, but she was talking about prior Board.

Ms. Garcia paused for a moment to ensure the attorney was still on the line.

As it pertained to communication with the attorneys and other stuff she wanted to make sure she did her job right. She didn’t want to mislead anybody and she know exactly what it was like to be president of the school board. She didn’t have the experience he had. She said she did ask Ms. Staehlin to be present the first couple of meetings so they could get past any hard feelings, any awkwardness, so that they could get to where they needed to, to be an effective board. If anybody knew her, they knew that about her. So if there was any discrepancy that he didn’t believe that was a true statement for him then she was sorry. But that was where she was trying to be. She was not talking to the superintendent behind anybody's back about or calling the attorneys just to get things done her way. She was not leaving things off the agenda to hurt anybody in the community or the administration. She would follow the rules to the best of her ability as she understood them. If she needed assistance, she would ask for it. She would share information with the board members. She was not there as a one-man show and she knew that.

Mr. Smith said he thought the Board to Board communications he was talking about took a turn on the very first meeting. They didn’t get the chance to be a part of this Board. But that was not what that was about. He took being a board member very, very serious. If that was what it took to come up there and talk about these particular subjects, and there were many more. There was a lot more that they needed to hash out before they were governing the way they should be governing and they were not there. These items were on there because he took it so serious that he wanted to make sure they started on these but it didn't matter who it was. He had never served with her before.

But she had never served with him before either. He didn't come with any preconceived notions about either one of you. But apparently she did about him and he didn’t think that was fair.

Ms. Garcia told Mr. Smith said that was not true. But what was true was that since they had been back, there has been a level of hostility. It was coming from him and it was coming from Mr. Giron and she was trying to balance that the best she could . If he don't mean it, if that was not the intent, then so be it. But that was the feeling. She was not going to pretend that it wasn’t happening because it was but they had to get past it, sir, yes, they did. She was 100% behind that.

Mr. Smith said there was no hostility. If he was following the board policies and he was not getting stuff on the agenda, he had to address that. It was not done in a hostile way. It was what they should be doing and they were not doing it that way. But she was are correct. They did have to get past it. That was why he had it on the agenda, because somebody had to take initiative to say they were not working together like they should, for these people out there, and those students and the community, and if he had to be the one to bring them out and say that was what he thought then that was why he did it. It was not to point anybody out or to accuse anybody of anything. It was to say, in his opinion, it had to be fixed. Mr. Smith said that was all the conversation he had on Item 8. AB&C .

Ms. Garcia asked if anyone else wanted to give input.

Mr. Giron said Tina, you mentioned that there had been hostility from him. He wanted to look at all of those videos, and wanted her to point out one portion where he had been hostile with her. He pushed her to do her job. He was pushing her to do things. Board Member Smith had been asking for public comment, and today was a perfect example. He was not trying to point a finger - he was not trying to hammer anybody right now.

Mr. Giron stated that he’d had no idea that they had those type of shortfalls. Wilson knew about them. But there were the complaints that he’d heard and the concerns that he heard were these individuals, these parents. He added that there was such insulation between trying to get through the front door to the Superintendent's Office, so he was not surprised that he didn't know about that.

Mr. Giron stated that he was passionate and if he got a little louder, yes, he was fighting for these students. When he left the seat, he didn't want to have any regrets, okay? He said he’d never been hostile with her. He pushed her, but he had never been hostile. Mr. Giron said he was a little offended with that. She had just said she wanted to move forward. He was ready to go. This community was ready for them to move forward. Shame on them because they were dragging their feet on all of this stuff.

Ms. Garcia said Mr. Bennett? Mr. Vickers? Mr. Vickers stated that they he would just mention that they did have a board work session scheduled for a whole day. They were just going to have to address a lot of these issues, and hopefully, they could air their grievances and come to common ground, and make some progress in these areas of communication. He said he agreed on the issue of public comment. He felt the public should be given the opportunity to speak to the fullest extent allowed legally, and they needed to work to do that.

Mr. Tally posed a question about Public Comment and adding an item. She noted that she had reviewed the policy. She had answered the question previously but they would be contacting him.

Ms. Garcia stated that she thought another big piece that maybe should be addressed and it was something they did need to talk about it again in the workshop was the matter of respect between each other. They needed to show and have respect for one another in order for them to get to this communication, and she felt it was lacking.

She felt it was lacking in how they addressed Dr. Romero. It was lacking in how they identified and addressed each other and others. She came from maybe a regime where one was supposed to follow certain rules and act a certain way in a boardroom, in a courtroom, and the administrative office. It just didn't feel this way before. It felt like that way now. She didn’t know why, and she hoped it changed. Ms. Garcia said she was open to those communications. Hopefully, those feelings would come down in them getting to a place where they could talk to one another in a civil manner - whether it be in a meeting, on the telephone, or in email. She thought they needed to treat each other with respect.

Ms. Garcia stated that they would move on. She announced that item was for discussion only.


A. Certified (Approved by Consent)

B. Educational Support Professionals (ESP) (Approved by Consent)

10. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held August 9, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for July 2022

i. Schedule of Checks Written

Ms. Garcia stated that this item was up for discussion. Mr. Smith stated that the item was not listed as information only. It was still for approval, and he didn’t agree with that. That's was it.

10. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held August 9, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for July 2022

i. Schedule of Checks Written
Mr. Vickers said he would play devil’s advocate and asked what if they didn’t approve the report of checks written. What would happen if they voted it down. Ms. Staehlin responded that it would probably show up as an audit finding.

Discussion ensued during which Mr. Giron said he remembered a couple meetings ago when they were discussing it that he’d asked for a ruling from the Attorney General. Mr. Smith said he felt that it should be informational only and could be listed under the Superintendent’s Report.

Mr. Giron stated that he had requested the attorney two different times both in the meeting and then to answer in writing to contact the Attorney General, but he she had not done so, and had given her personal opinion. Ms. Staehlin stated she had given her personal opinion, she had provided her legal opinion.

Ms. Staehlin responded that at the face-to-face meeting he had asked her asked about individual checks and she had responded that it was a report and board members couldn’t take action on individual checks. He’d asked if she could ask the Attorney General. She had explained the process was that the Board as an entity would have to approach a local legislator and he could make that request. She had also explained that he could not do so as an individual.

Mr. Giron said she had also told them to follow their policies and procedures and it was the same response that he’d gotten in the meeting. His point was he thought the problem was the way it was written. They needed to figure out how they were going to get this ruling so they got make sure that it was in the proper place. Mr. Giron said he’d like them to get ahold of the State Board Association and get their opinion.

10. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held August 9, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for July 2022

i. Schedule of Checks Written
Ms. Garcia stated that she’d have to assume it was a statewide function of all school board members. Ms. Staehlin had given her legal opinion, both in person and in writing. Did she see any reason why they we would need to go to the New Mexico School Board Association to get another answer, a different answer or the same answer? What did she recommend?

Ms. Staehlin said her recommendation was that if one of the board members or several of the board members felt the response they received was not adequate they could contact them. The people at NMSBA were not attorneys but would have to turn it over to their legal counsel for a response. Her recommendation to them all was they they. As a board, make that determination.

Mr. Smith was given confirmation that until that changed via a board vote on a future agenda if needed, that it would remain as an action item. Mr. Giron said he was still concerned it was listed as a report not for information only and didn’t agree with it.

Mr. Vickers stated that the next Audit Committee Meeting was on September 13th and he’d be happy to ask that question of the auditors at that time.

There being no further discussion, Ms. Garcia called for a motion.

Mr. Vickers moved, and Mr. Bennett seconded, to approve Item # 10. A. i. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held August 9, 2022) Approval of Reports for July 2022 Schedule of Checks Written. There being no further discussion, Ms. Garcia called for a vote with the following results: Eloy Giron – no; Bruce Bennett – yes; P. David Vickers – yes; Bryan C. Smith - no; and Tina Garcia – yes. The motion to approve Item # 9A. i. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS - Approval of Report for July 2022 - Schedule of Checks Written passed 3/2.

10. FINANCE COMMITTEE ITEMS (Meeting held August 9, 2022)

A. Approval of Reports for July 2022 (Continued)

ii. Cash on Hand (Approved by Consent)
iii. Investments on Hand (Approved by Consent)
iv. Monthly Budget Reports (Approved by Consent)
v. Revenue (Approved by Consent)

B. Approval of Budget Adjustment Request (BAR): 11000 Operational Decrease
(Approved by Consent)
C. Approval of Purchases
i. School Specialty - Special Services for Special Ed Classroom Furniture for CHS, LLHS, LLMS, VHS, & VMS 24106 – IDEA B
(Approved by Consent)

ii. Imagine Learning – Learning Innovations for Instructional Services
24330 - ESSER III (Approved by Consent)

D. Approval of Vehicle Use Agreement Between Valencia County and Los Lunas Schools
(Approved by Consent)

E. Approval of 2022-23 MOU Between NM MESA and Los Lunas Schools for LLHS, VHS and VMS (Approved by Consent)


Ms. Garcia stated that took them to Item #11. ANNOUNCEMENT OF MEETINGS. She added that as allowed by the NM Open Meetings Act and the District’s Open Meetings Resolution, on occasion, a quorum of the board members would attend the same function, including those held at school sites, as well as, sports functions, conferences, workshops, and trainings. Board members would refrain from discussing and/or acting on LLS Board issues in those settings. In addition, only official meetings were published, and if other meetings were scheduled, they would be announced in accordance with the Open Meetings Act.

In addition, only official meetings were published, and if other meetings were scheduled, they would be announced in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. With that being said, Ms. Garcia announced the following meetings:

• September 13, 2022 Audit Committee Meeting CO Board Room 8:00am (Attendance by Invitation Only)

• September 13, 2022 Finance Committee Meeting CO Board Room 3:00pm

• September 20, 2022 Regular Board Meeting
CO Board Room 6:00pm

A brief discussion ensued during which confirmation / clarification was given to Mr. Vickers, Audit Committee Chair, that the start time of the Audit Committee had been changed from 8:30 to 8:00, due to a request from one of the committee members.

Ms. Garcia stated that before she called for a motion to adjourn, she would ask the board members to not leave immediately at the conclusion of the board meeting, as their signatures were needed on some of the documents.


Ms. Garcia stated that brought them to Item #12. ADJOURNMENT. She then called for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Mr. Bennett moved, and Mr. Smith seconded, to adjourn the meeting. There being no discussion, Ms. Garcia called for a vote with the following results: Bruce Bennett – yes; Eloy Giron – yes; Bryan C. Smith – yes; P. David Vickers – yes; and Tina Garcia – yes; Motion to adjourn passed: 5-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Approved this 20th day of September 2022.

Tina Garcia, Board President

Bruce Bennett, Board Secretary
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