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Media Relations

Los Lunas Schools is excited to partner with the media to highlight the great things happening throughout our district. We look forward to inviting you into our schools and sharing stories of our students and staff who inspire, uplift, and unite the LLS community.

Media Guidelines

In order to best support you, all media requests will be streamlined through the Los Lunas Schools Marketing & Media Specialist. To help facilitate these requests, we ask the media to adhere to the following guidelines and procedures:

  1. Point of Contact for LLS Media Relations:
    All media inquiries and interview requests should be directed to
  2. Access to Schools:
    Media are permitted to film outside of schools and inside schools during normal school hours. All media visits must be cleared through the Marketing & Media Specialist prior to arrival. Once the visit is approved, media representatives are required to check-in at the front office.
  3. Photographing, Videotaping, or Interviewing Students:
    LLS operates in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). This law allows students and parents to opt-out of the release of certain information about students including photographs and video. The LLS Marketing & Media Specialist will work with each school to determine who cannot be photographed and interviewed according to FERPA guidelines. Please check with the Marketing & Media Specialist before taking photos, video, or conducting interviews with students.
  4. Designated Spokespersons:
    -Dr. Ryan Kettler, Los Lunas Schools Superintendent
    -Brian Baca, Los Lunas Schools Deputy Superintendent
    -Susan Chavez, Los Lunas Schools Chief Student Services Officer
    -Sidney Olivas, Los Lunas Schools Marketing & Media Specialist