Senior MacBook Buyout

Senior MacBook Buyout
Posted on 04/20/2023

Senior Buyout - Resetting Your MacBook

(Here is a video and printable instruction guide.)

Please Note:
In order to be eligible for the buyout program, you must graduate from an LLS high school, pay current buyout device cost, along with any outstanding device fees.

The following instructions apply only to the graduating high school seniors who have paid Los Lunas Schools the buyout cost for their MacBooks. The Technology Department will receive a list of these from each high school, and work as quickly as possible to accomplish what we need to do on our end. This includes communicating to Apple that we have released ownership of these devices; however, we suggest you keep a copy of your buyout receipt as the new proof-of-ownership, in the event you ever need direct hardware support from Apple.

The final step of releasing these devices (initiated by you) completely erases the MacBook and reinstalls the default version of macOS. It is essential that this is done, otherwise your MacBook will remain tethered to our systems, software/web restrictions will remain in place, and you will not have a fully functioning macOS user account. We suggest that students take time beforehand to backup any data they are interested in keeping, as the reset process is irreversible. Copy pictures, music, videos, and files to a standard USB storage device, or upload to a personal cloud storage location. In addition to backing up these local files, do not forget that district-issued Google accounts and Managed Apple IDs will also be suspended and deleted within 30 days of semester’s end, so any files which you want to keep will need to be copied outside of those online accounts.

Migrating Your Online Data:

Google Takeout is a service from Google
allowing you to download data associated with
your Google Account.

1. Create a new Gmail Account before you begin.
2. Login to your School Account.
3. Enter the email address of the destination
account you will transfer your data to.
4. A code will be sent to your new account.
Login to email at your new account to find your code.
5. Enter the verification code into the box provided.
6. Select the content you want to transfer.
a. Google Drive
b. Other Google Apps & Services
7. Click Start Transfer.

The transfer process may take up to a week. Check your new account regularly to see if the process has been completed.

Managed Apple ID - iCloud Data:

Downloading and backing up your iCloud data from a Managed Apple ID should be done from your MacBook. Go to System Preferences, then iCloud, and begin by turning the individual iCloud services, listed below, off one at a time and do not sign out of the account until all services have been turned off and dealt with. Have your USB storage device plugged into your MacBook and use it to backup the files retrieved from iCloud. iCloud Drive - Save
data from your iCloud Drive to your USB storage before turning off this service. You can use the Finder on a Mac, or through, to select and copy files to your USB storage. Photos - Make sure you download and keep originals when prompted when you turn iCloud photo library off, you want existing photos to remain on your device so you can then copy them to your USB storage.

If you use photo stream be aware that there may be more photos on your device than there are in the cloud, photo stream in the cloud only keeps up to 1,000 photos for 30 days, if you have older photos or more than 1,000 on your device you may want to copy them to the MacBook before turning photo stream off.

If you have created any shared albums you will need to create them again using a personal Apple ID.

Contacts/Calendars/Reminders - There should not be anything in this one unless you connected a personal email account, and that should all be available elsewhere, so feel free to turn these iCloud services off.
Safari/News/Stocks - You will be given the opportunity to save this app data to your device when you disable this service, but the only way to re-use the data is to merge them when prompted by signing into a personal Apple ID and re-enabling the services.
Notes - You cannot save notes in bulk easily. On a Mac you can export them one by one by email or AirDrop to another device, and then drag them back once you have set up your new ID. Another option is to copy the contents of a note into a Pages file and save to your USB storage.

Reset Your MacBook:

After device ownership has been released, Technology will make a new software action available in the Self Service app on your MacBook. When this is ready, you will see a macOS notification and new action within Jamf Self Service appear – you can then proceed with the instructions below at any time. Please remember to backup any data you wish to keep before moving on!

Using Finder, go to your Applications folder and open the app “Self Service”. If Technology has completed their steps then the very first choice you should see among the actions listed will be called “202X Senior Buyout Erase & Install macOS”.

Before you click the “Start Process” button, please plug your MacBook into AC power! If your battery runs out while this process is running, you may be left with a non-functional MacBook and will need to contact the LLS IT Help Desk for assistance.

After clicking “Start Process” your MacBook will begin setting up the necessary files in the background – you will not notice anything taking place during this time, other than the button you clicked displaying a new status. When these files are in place, your MacBook will immediately reboot and erase all data stored on it. This erasure only takes a few moments, after which a clean version of macOS will begin installing itself. During this install you will see the MacBook reboot several times, and
you should keep it plugged into AC power throughout this time. When everything has completed you will be left at the macOS Setup Assistant screen for a new product. You can proceed through these windows at any time, which assist you in creating a new administrative account for yourself and configuring your own settings. We hope your MacBook serves you well in your future endeavors!

If you have purchased your MacBook and this Self Service action is not available to you by the end of May, please call Los Lunas Schools at 865-9636, and ask to be transferred to the IT Help Desk. If you began the process, but it failed to complete successfully or seems frozen/stuck, please contact us for additional assistance – you will likely need to physically bring the MacBook by our office after an appointment has been set up.

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