Section XIII


Parents/legal guardians and the courts will establish the terms and conditions of custody of the children. Custody terms will generally fall into the categories of Joint Custody, Primary Physical Custody, and Sole Custody. In any of these custody arrangements, unless parental rights have been legally waived, both parents/legal guardians retain full parental rights regarding the access to school records, grades, parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, and so forth. LLS will remain neutral in custody cases and will rely on parental/legal guardian agreement or court documents in honoring parental requests. The school administrator must agree to any changes to the status quo. LLS will do their best to abide by parenting plans provided to them but are not responsible to enforce specific pick-up days.

Codes and Infractions
 ADS Absences (Excessive)
 DEF  Defiance of School Personnel
 RIM  Reimbursement/Restitution
 AGP  Aggressive Confrontations (Physical)
 DET  Detention/Community Service
 RLA  Referral for Legal Action
 AGV  Aggressive Confrontations (Verbal)
 DIS  Discrimination  ROB  Robbery/Burglary
 ALC  Possession of Alcohol
 DEP  Disruption of the Educational Process
 SA  Sexual Assault
 APC  Administrator-Parent Conference
 DRG  Drugs/Counterfeit Drugs
 SAA  Sale of Distribution of Alcohol
 Arson  DRP  Drug Paraphernalia
 SB1  Sexual Battery Level 1
 Assault  EXP  Explosives  SB2  Sexual Battery Level 2
 ASC  Administrator-Student Contact
 EXP  Expulsion  SAD  Sale or Distribution of Drugs
 ASF  Assault with a Firearm
 EXT  Extortion  SEC  Suspension of Extracurricular Activities
 ASK  Assault with a Knife/Cutting Object
 FWX  Fireworks/Ammunition  SHR  Sexual Harassment
 ASO  Assault on School Official
 FOR  Forgery  SPC  Staff-Parent Contact
 Assault with Another Weapon
 GN1  Gang-related Activity Level 1
 SSC  Staff-Student Contact
 ATC  Attendance Contract
 GN2  Gang-related Activity Level 2
 STK  Stalking
 BA  Battery
 GRA  Graffiti  STS  Short-term Suspension
 BAF  Battery with a Firearm
 HAR  Harassment  TDY  Tardy
 BAK  Battery with a Knife/Cutting Object
 HZG  Hazing/Initiation  TF1  Theft Level 1 (less than $250)
 BAW  Battery with Another Weapon
 ISS  In-School Suspension
 TF2  Theft Level 2 (more than $250)
 Behavior Contract
 LNG  Profane/Abusive Language
 TOB  Tobacco
 BOM  Bomb Threat
 LTS  Long-Term Suspension
 TV  Threats of Violence Against the School and/or False Alarm
 BSO  Battery on School Official
 MED  Medical Referral
 TRS  Trespassing/Unauthorized Presence
 BUL  Bullying/Intimidation/Instigation  NEI  Non-educational Item
 TRU  Truancy
 BUS  Bus Disruption
 OBS  Obscene Materials/Items/Behavior
 VND  Vandalism
 CEL  Cellular/Electronic Device
 OSR  Other School Rules
 WEA  Possession of Weapons
 CHT  Cheating  PM  Physical Management
 WFO  Weapon-Other Type
 Dress Code Violation
 PDA  Public Display of Affection
 WHG  Weapon-Handgun
 Drunkenness/Disorientation-Alcohol  PRO  Promoting  WPK  Weapon-Knife/Cutting Object with Intent to Injure
 DDD  Drunkenness/Disorientation-Drugs  RCA  Referral to Counseling/Evaluation
 WRS  Weapon-Rifle/Shotgun


The consequences for discipline infractions are minimum consequences and are at the discretion of the site administrator.  Repeated occurrences of any behavior or incidents involving multiple infractions will increase the level of its consequences.

Consequence Table in .pdf

If you are having trouble reading the Consequence Table, please call the LLS Safety and Security Department at (505) 866-8274 for assistance.
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