It is the primary goal of the Los Lunas Schools to educate every student. All students and staff members have the right to be respected and protected in a school environment that is safe and conducive to learning. Maintaining a school climate free of disruptions enables all participants to learn and grow.

It is the belief of the Los Lunas Schools that discipline begins in the home. It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to instill in their children a sense of respect for themselves, for others, and for property. All students will conduct themselves responsibly while at school, en-route to and from school, and at any school-sponsored function.

In order to achieve this, we need a strong partnership between home and school. This partnership will provide the basis for a positive educational atmosphere of trust, safety, and instructional challenge.

The purpose of this document is to assist students, parents, teachers, staff, and school administrators in understanding that the school community exists to help all students develop their full potential for learning and the necessary self-discipline to enable them to become productive, responsible members of a democratic society.

The quality of the school community, both socially and academically, depends significantly upon the choices made by the student population. Upon entering a school, students assume part of the responsibility for creating a stimulating academic and social environment in which everyone is free to grow and learn.

Students may exercise their constitutional rights of free speech, press, assembly, and privacy. The exercising of these rights, however, must be conducted in a manner that does not disrupt the learning of others in the educational process and the school environment.

Certain student behaviors and attitudes foster the desirable, healthy learning environment schools encourage. Among these are:

-An attitude of fairness and an acceptance of people of different political, economic, social, religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds and abilities;
-An eagerness to participate in both academic and non-academic activities;
-A cooperative spirit and a willingness to share abilities, time, and skills, not only to further one's own goals, but also to help others succeed;
-Prompt and regular attendance in classes and at school-sponsored activities;
-A willingness to adhere to school rules and make positive contributions to the academic and social climate.

Unacceptable behavior is defined in this document, as well as the consequences of this behavior. The list is not all-inclusive; acts of misconduct not specified herein shall also be subject to discretionary action by appropriate school personnel.

All school personnel have the right to take action anytime the educational process is threatened with disruption or when safety of people or property becomes an issue. The consequences for discipline infractions listed below are minimum consequences and are at the discretion of the site administrator. Short-term suspension, e.g. 1-10 days of In-School Suspension (ISS) or Short-term suspensions e.g. 1-10 days of Out of School Suspensions (OSS) are not subject to appeal. It is up to the discretion of school administration to exercise its best judgment in choosing consequences for particular situations or infractions. Students whose presence appears to pose a danger to persons or property are considered to be a disruption to the educational process and may be removed immediately from school or school sponsored events. The police or other legal authority may participate in removal if necessary.

This handbook is being promulgated pursuant to Section 7.5 of the Los Lunas School Board Policy. Los Lunas Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age or disability in its programs and activities. (Los Lunas School Board Policy 7.21) The following Division has been designated to handle inquires regarding the non-discrimination policies: Brian Baca, Deputy Superintendent, District Equity Officer, PO Drawer 1300, Los Lunas, NM 87031 (505) 865-9636. 
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