Minutes for July 30, 2019 Regular Meeting

Minutes for July 30, 2019 Regular Meeting
Posted on 09/05/2019


Board President Bryan Smith called the Board Meeting to order at 6:00 pm. He thanked everyone for coming and reminded the audience to silence their cell phones and/or other electronic devices during the meeting. He announced that, as allowed by the NM Open Meetings Act and the District’s Open Meetings Resolution, Mr. Campanella would be participating in the meeting via teleconference.

Board Members Present:
Bryan C. Smith, President
Sonya C’Moya, Vice President
Brandon Campanella, Secretary (Participated via teleconference)
Frank A. Otero, Member
Milo W. Moody, Member

Administrators Present:
Dana Sanders, Superintendent
Brian Baca, Deputy Superintendent
Claire Cieremans, Chief Finance Officer
Julie Romero Benavidez, Assistant Superintendent
Susan D. Chavez, Assistant Superintendent
Casey Ahner, Dir. of Instructional Support
Andy Garcia, Dir. of Maintenance and Construction
Erica Hidalgo, Dir. of Elementary Programs
Alicia Himes, Dir. Of Educational Technology
Mary McGowan, Dir. of Compliance
Cynthia Philips, Dir. of Special Education
Michelle Romero, Dir. of Purchasing
Andrew Saiz, Dir. of Personnel
Elena Trodden, Dir. of Assessment and Accountability
Sonia Allen, Coordinator of Personnel
Cathy Chavez, Coordinator of Federal Programs
Darian Jaramillo, Interim Principal, Los Lunas High School

Others Present:
Four (4) Community Members and Staff


Superintendent Dana Sanders reported the meeting had been announced in accordance with the Open Meetings Resolution, and was a legally constituted meeting of the Los Lunas Schools Board of Education.


Mr. Andrew Saiz, Director of Personnel, led the audience in the Pledge.


Mr. Smith asked if there were any changes or deletions to the agenda. There being none, Mr. Smith called for a motion.

Ms. C’Moya moved, and Mr. Otero seconded, to approve the agenda as presented by Ms. Sanders and her staff. There being no discussion, Mr. Smith called for a roll call vote with the following results: Milo W. Moody - yes; Brandon Campanella – yes; Sonya C’Moya –yes; Frank A. Otero – yes and Bryan C. Smith –yes. Motion passed.


There were no (0) request to address the Board.


Ms. C’Moya moved, and Mr. Campanella seconded, to approve all of the items on the action agenda by consent with the following exception: Item #9. APPROVAL OF SUPERINTENDENT’S GOALS 2019-20 SY.

Mr. Smith announced for the benefit of the audience, that consent items were the action items on the agenda presented by the Superintendent and her staff for approval. The action items had been reviewed by the board members individually. If no discussion had been asked for regarding the items by any of the board members, the items were submitted for approval with one motion/vote.

There being no discussion, Mr. Smith called for a roll call vote with the following results: Milo W. Moody - yes; Brandon Campanella – yes; Sonya C’Moya –yes; Frank A. Otero – yes and Bryan C. Smith –yes. Motion passed.


June 18, 2019 Regular Meeting (Approved by Consent)


A. Recognition: NMSBA Region IV Attendance Award
Superintendent Sanders stated that it was with great pride that she announced that the Los Lunas Schools Board of Education had received the New Mexico School Boards Association (NMSBA) Region IV Board Attendance Award for the second year in a row. She explained that board members were mandated to take five hours of training every year. They attended board member trainings at the regional, state, and/or national level, as well as, attendance at board meetings. That attendance was part of the District’s school grade. She commended the board members for their ongoing commitment and diligence.

B. Other Comments

Ms. Sanders said they were very busy getting everything ready for the start of school. She recognized and thanked Ms. Darian Jaramillo for stepping in when the District needed her, and taking over as the Interim Principal of Los Lunas High School.


Discussion ensued regarding the Board / Superintendent Retreat, as well as, the collaborative efforts that went into the process used to develop and establish the Superintendent’s Goals for the 2019-20 school year. Mr. Smith said that from the start, the focus was on how to improve student achievement overall, with an added emphasis on funding to help at risk populations.

Mr. Smith said that when a person first looked at the goals, they seemed straightforward; however, he felt it should be noted that as in the case with Goal 1, the final goal reflected over a hundred bullets that were condensed to reflect a compilation of their thoughts and concerns.

Goal 1. The Superintendent will create and monitor a comprehensive system that focuses on high levels of student achievement at each school with an emphasis on the following:

a. Focus on Middle School achievement and culture.

b. Continued focus on implementation of technology with an emphasis on STEM Careers.

c. Focus K-5 Plus and Extended Learning funding on at-risk populations.

He added that a great deal of the discussion ensued and all expressed they felt there was a need to put an emphasis on goals focused on middle school level students; specifically, to improve the academics, culture, and behaviors at that level. Middle school was such a pivotal time for students, especially, for the seventh graders, as they transitioned from elementary to secondary levels.

In addition to the middle school focus, the Board wanted to continue the implementation of technology, especially that which fostered STEM careers. They also wanted to expend funds to continue the K-5 Plus Program and provide additional funds to assist at-risk populations.

Ms. Sanders thanked the board members for the conversation and collaboration during the retreat and when developing and setting the goals. She said it was so nice that the Board was on the same page as what she and the team were working on in terms of professional learning communities. She added that the board members had each asked for a copy of the book Every School, Every Team, Every Classroom that the administration was using.

Mr. Campanella then led discussion on the second goal:

Goal 2. The Superintendent will develop supports for social emotional learning and strategies for parents in dealing with their child’s social and emotional needs.

He started the District was committed to helping the whole child, and, as a sidepiece, helping their parents. The goal had been developed as the result of a tragedy, and they all felt it was necessary to develop a full-fledged campaign to provide the skills and emotional support so that it would hopefully not happen again.

Mr. Smith told the administrators in attendance that Ms. Sanders had shared with them the comprehensive plan that the administration would follow this year. A brief discussion ensued regarding the need and expectation of the successful collaboration of the Board, administration and staff, with our students’ success being at the forefront of all they did. He and the other board members were confident that the students would benefit as long as everyone did their part to ensure the students were given the tools to be successful.

Mr. Smith added that he wanted them to know that the Board would be holding Ms. Sanders accountable for developing and fulfilling the expectations and goals they had discussed, and in turn, knew that she would be holding them accountable as well.

Ms. C’Moya moved, and Mr. Moody seconded, to approve Item #9. APPROVAL OF SUPERINTENDENT GOALS: 2019-20 SY as presented. There being no discussion, Mr. Smith called for a roll call vote with the following results: Milo W. Moody - yes; Brandon Campanella - yes; Sonya C’Moya - yes; Frank A. Otero – yes; and Bryan C. Smith - yes. Motion passed.


(Meeting Held July 9, 2019)

A. Approval of Reports for June 2019

i. Schedule of Checks Written (Approved by Consent)
ii. Cash on Hand (Approved by Consent)
iii. Investments on Hand (Approved by Consent)
iv. Monthly Budget Reports (Approved by Consent)
v. Revenue (Approved by Consent)

B. Approval of Budget Adjustment Requests (BARs): IDEA B Risk Pool Initial Budget (Approved by Consent)

C. Approval of Purchases
i. CES c/o Business Environments for TRC 31700 – Two Mil (SB-9) (Approved by Consent)

ii. CES c/o Sivic Solutions for Special Services 25153 – Medicaid (Approved by Consent)

iii. CES c/o Medley Equipment Co. 21000 – Student Nutrition (Approved by Consent)

iv. McComas Sales Co. Inc., Equipment for Student Nutrition 21000 - Student Nutrition (Approved by Consent)

v. Apple Inc. for Professional Services Teacher Training 11000 – Operational (ELT) (Approved by Consent)

D. Approval of General Contracts
i. Contract Renewal Recommendations for 2019-2020
a. Asphalt Improvements and Repairs (Approved by Consent)
b. Bulk Fuel (Approved by Consent)
c. Carpet and VCT (Approved by Consent)
d. Financial Advisory Services (Approved by Consent)
e. Heavy Equipment and Industrial Services (Approved by Consent)
f. Interconnected Voice Over IP (Approved by Consent)
g. Natural Gas Marketer Services (Approved by Consent)
h. Tree Trimming Pruning & Removal Services (Approved by Consent)
i. District Internet Services (Approved by Consent)
j. Ancillary Staffing Services (Approved by Consent)
k. Window Cleaning Services (Approved by Consent)

ii. Contact Renewal Year Two (2) of Four (4) for Food, Non-Food & Produce; Purchases through NM School Nutrition Cooperative for the 2019/2020 SY (Approved by Consent)

E. Approval of Out-of-State Travel Requests
i. Out-of-State Travel Request for J. Romero Benavidez, D. Jaramillo, E. Hidalgo, C. Ahner – Curriculum, E. Trodden – Accountability, L. Sosa, W. Hays – LLMS, and J. Gaerlan – VMS to Attend the 2019 PBIS Leadership Forum in Chicago, IL October 2 – 5, 2019 24189 Title IV (Approved by Consent)
ii. Out-of-State Travel Request for M. McGowan – Special Services and S. Allen – Technology, to Attend the Apple Academy in Cupertino, CA September 23 – 27, 2019 24106 Idea B and 11000 Operational (Approved by Consent)
iii. Out-of-State Travel Request for K. Lopez and 18 Students (TBD) – VHS, to Attend the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, IN October 30 – November 2, 2019 No Cost to District (Approved by Consent)
iv. Out-of-State Travel Request for J. Thompson-Armijo, A. Gonzales, C. Pettis and 19 students – LLHS, to Attend the Dance Team Union National in Kissimmee, FL February 21 – 23, 2020 No Cost to District (Approved by Consent)
v. Out-of-State Travel Request for C. Delgado – Transportation, to Attend the IC Bus University Training Class in Tulsa, OK July 22 – 26, 2019 13000 Transportation Operational (Approved by Consent)

F. Approval of NMPED RFA for Comprehensive Support & Improvement Schools Title I
Sec. 1003(a) (Approved by Consent)

G. Approval of Deletion of Fixed Assets (Approved by Consent)

H. Approval of MOU 2019-2020 Village of Los Lunas for Refuse Pickup
(Approved by Consent)

I. Approval of MOU 2019-2020 Foster Grandparent Program (Approved by Consent)


(Received After Finance Committee Meeting)

A. Approval of Acceptance of PSCOC Award (Approved by Consent)

B. Approval of Resolution: 19:002 NMDOT (Approved by Consent)


Mr. Smith announced that this brought them to the announcement of meetings. As allowed by the New Mexico Open Meetings Act and the District’s Open Meetings Resolution, on occasion, a quorum of board members attended the same function, including those held at school sites, at the district level, as well as, sports functions, conferences, workshops, and trainings. Members agreed to refrain from discussing, and/or acting upon, board issues in those settings. In addition, only official meetings were published, and, if other meetings were scheduled, they would be announced in accordance with the NM Open Meetings Act.

Mr. Smith then announced the following meetings:

• August 13, 2019 Finance Committee Meeting 4:30 pm CO Conference Room

• August 20, 2019 Regular Board Meeting CO Board Room 6:00 pm (Only One Regular Meeting in August)


Mr. Moody moved, and Ms. C’Moya seconded, to adjourn the meeting. There being no discussion, Mr. Smith called for a roll call vote with the following results: Milo W. Moody - yes; Brandon Campanella – yes; Sonya C’Moya – yes; Frank A. Otero –yes; and Bryan C. Smith –yes. Motion passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:15 pm.

Approved this 20th day of August 2019.

Bryan C. Smith, Board President

Brandon Campanella, Board Secretary

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